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Hendrix Jim "Jimboy" Martin is the Big Winner of the Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother: 737.

Jimboy entered the house on Day 1, during the first chapter of the series, which was the Teen Edition. Being a provincial boy who came from the countryside, he was a bit shy on the first two weeks. However, as the days passed, he became more comfortable with his fellow housemates and managed to gain friendships. He became closest to fellow male teen housemates Kyle Secades and Kenzo Gutierrez.

In the show, he was officially nicknamed as the "Barrio Rapper of Nueva Vizcaya" as he was a boy from a rural town and he has interest in writing rap songs.

He was known in the house for his raps as well as being a scaredy-cat who often gets frightened easily. Big Brother, as a result, often set pranks for the housemates.

He was considered to be an underdog in the competition. He was never put up on the nominees' list to face eviction. He only got to experience being nominated twice during the default nominations where Big Brother puts all the housemates for eviction.

On Week 7, he was proclaimed as one of the Teen Big Four Finalists, along with Ylona Garcia,Bailey May and Franco Rodriguez. They temporarily left the house on Day 50 to give way for the Civilian Adult Housemates of the Civilian Chapter.

On Week 15, the Teen Big Four returned back to the house to live with the remaining adult housemates. Although co-existing with them, they weren't competing anymore as they were already announced as Big Four and their place on the Big Night was already secured.

Among the adult housemates, Jimboy gained friendships to almost all of the remaining adults; especially with Miho Nishida whom he considered as an older sister.

When the two-evening Big Night finally came, Jimboy advanced to the second night with Ylona, who was considered a fan favorite. However, in the end, Jimboy was announced as the Teen Big Winner of the season after collecting 56.76% of the total votes, beating Ylona who received 43.24%.

Jimboy Martin Biography

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Origin: Nueva Vizcaya
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Writing his own rap verses.

Hendrix Martin or Jimboy, as he is fondly called at home, is a simple boy from the province who loves playing basketball and writing his own rap verses. Like his idol, Gloc 9, Jimboy also writes about social issues. In fact, he has a rap song about the fallen 44 SAF members.

He is the eldest among two children, and is very protective of his younger sister. His mom is a housewife, while his dad is in between jobs, making the future a little uncertain for Jimboy, especially when it comes to being able to continue his college education.

Despite their current situation, Jimboy remains to be positive and in his his attempt at being able to help his family financially, Jimboy tried his luck in PBB737. He easily impressed the staff with his passion in rap music and seemingly profound way of thinking, and made his way to becoming one of the official PBB737 Teen Housemates. Equipped with his positive nature, unusual wisdom and rap skills, is Jimboy set to become the PBB737 Teen Big Winner?

Player's History[]

Teen History[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Loss
Week 3 Weekly Task Win
Week 4 Weekly Task Win
Week 5 Weekly Task Win
Week 6 Weekly Task Loss

Competition History[]

Week 2 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 3 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 4 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 5 Pinasaya Challenge Win
Ligtask Ineligible
Week 6 Big-Ating Concert Competition Loss
Ligtask Loss
Week 7 Ligtask Ineligible

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Barbie Imperial
1-Kyle Secades
3 2-Ailah Antopina
1-Zonia Mejia
4 +2-Franco Rodriguez
+1-Kyle Secades
+2-Franco Rodriguez
+2-Kenzo Gutierrez
+2-Kyle Secades
+2-Ryan Bacalla
+1-Kamille Filoteo
5 Bailey May Immune
6 Big-Ating Concert
Nomination Competition
Day 47
Day 49
Day 50
2-Kamille Filoteo
1-Ylona Garcia
1-Bailey May
1-Ylona Garcia
Default Nominations
No Nominations Finalist
19 No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]

  • In 2016, Jimboy became part of the all-male dance group called Hashtags who became regular performers in the noontime variety show It's Showtime.
  • In 2022, Jimboy became a part of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano as a member of the Black OPS.


  • Jimboy is the 5th teen housemate to win Pinoy Big Brother.
  • Jimboy is the 6th male housemate to win Pinoy Big Brother.
  • Jimboy was proclaimed the season's winner together with adult housemate Miho Nishida. It was the first time in Pinoy Big Brother history to have two winners within one season.
  • Jimboy is technically the first ever teen housemate to win in a combined season but he won for the teen edition and not for the entire whole series.
    • Maymay Entrata is the first teen to win in an entire non-all teen, combined season as she was proclaimed the ultimate winner of the 4-part series of Season 7.
  • Jimboy, who originated from the Province of Nueva Vizcaya, is the first and so far the only housemate who hails from Northern Luzon to become a Big Winner.


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