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Jessica Makonnen Hailé Selassié is the winner of Grande Fratello VIP 6.

Jessica started the game as a 3-in-1 contestant with her sisters Clarissa and Lulù and, as the oldest sister, spent a lot of her time and energy taking care of them, often being out-shined by their personalities and game presence, especially by Lulù. On Day 96, Jessica had to choose whether or not she would remain in the House after the season was extended: she ultimately chose to stay, but she broke down as she felt like she was just taking up space since she was not involved in the main show dynamics and her airtime was quite limited compared to most of her housemates.

Things completely turned around for the better during the second half of the season: the arrival of Alessandro Basciano briefly involved Jessica in a love triangle with him and Sophie Codegoni, in which Jessica was mistakenly painted as 'the other woman', causing the public to take her side and feel for her; the entry of Barù Gaetani, on the other hand, had a considerable effect on Jessica who, in order to flirt with him and pursue him romantically, focused more on herself rather than her sisters and re-discovered her femininity and self-power. Her journey of growth, coupled with a big size of the public that was very passionate about her tumultuous connection with Barù, made Jessica a late game fan favorite, helping her go on a winning streak of public votes which culminated with her beating Davide Silvestri for the title of winner of the season.


Jessica Selassié Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Mediaset
Born in 1994, Jessica Haile Selassié is the eldest of the three young princesses, great-grandchildren of the former emperor of Ethiopia.

For her it is not the first television experience: in 2017 she participated in the second edition of Riccanza and today she is ready to get involved again!

A lover of the world of fashion and everything related to aesthetics, Jessica says she is calm and calm and does not like quarrels. Will he be able to keep calm even in the #GFVIP House ?[1]

Retrieved and Translated from Mediaset
Jessica, Lucrezia and Clarissa Haile Selassiè are three young princesses , great-grandchildren of the former emperor of Ethiopia, passionate about the world of fashion and everything related to aesthetics.

Jessica, 26, studied at John Cabot University where she earned two degrees. She defines herself as a real princess, very calm and diplomatic.

Lucrezia, 23, holds a degree from the same university. She considers herself spoiled, spiteful, but also emotional. Her dream is to become a singer.

Clarissa, 19, says she is very ironic, direct and more mature than her age. Like her sisters, she too studies at John Cabot University.[2]

Player's History - Grande Fratello VIP 6[]

Nominations History[]

Week Position Voted For With Majority?
1 Nominated Francesca Cipriani No
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Amedeo Goria Ineligible
2 Exempt
Samy Youssef Ineligible
3 Andrea Casalino Soleil Sorge
Nicola Pisu
4 Nicola Pisu Davide Silvestri
Nicola Pisu
Soleil Sorge
Raffaella Fico
5 Amedeo Goria
Raffaella Fico Ineligible
6 Miriana Trevisan Ineligible
Jo Squillo
7 Francesca Cipriani Manila Nazzaro
Soleil Sorge
Ainett Stephens (TS) Saved
Gianmaria Antinolfi
8 Soleil Sorge
Alex Belli Ineligible
9 Nicola Pisu Ineligible
Manila Nazzaro Alex Belli
Davide Silvestri
Manuel Bortuzzo
10 Davide Silvestri Davide Silvestri
Manila Nazzaro
Davide Silvestri
11 Sophie Codegoni
Manila Nazzaro
12 Gianmaria Antinolfi Francesca Cipriani
Katia Ricciarelli
Manila Nazzaro
Manuel Bortuzzo Gianmaria Antinolfi
Giucas Casella
Katia Ricciarelli
Manila Nazzaro
13 Maria Monsè Francesca Cipriani Nominated
Maria Monsè
14 Miriana Trevisan Ineligible
15 Giacomo Urtis &
Valeria Marini
16 Alessandro Basciano Ineligible
17 Soleil Sorge Manila Nazzaro
Lulù Selassié (TS) Lulù Selassié (TS)
Miriana Trevisan (TS)
18 Soleil Sorge Ineligible
Giacomo Urtis &
Valeria Marini
19 Sophie Codegoni Manila Nazzaro
Soleil Sorge
Sophie Codegoni
Soleil Sorge Ineligible
20 Barù Gaetani
Giucas Casella
21 Lulù Selassié (TS) Lulù Selassié (TS)
22 Gianluca Costantino Ineligible
23 Lulù Selassié (TS) Lulù Selassié (TS)
Nathaly Caldonazzo Nathaly Caldonazzo
24 Nathaly Caldonazzo
Nathaly Caldonazzo
25 Sophie Codegoni (TS)
Giucas Casella
Miriana Trevisan (TS) Barù Gaetani (TS)
Davide Silvestri Giucas Casella
Soleil Sorge
26 Soleil Sorge (TS)
Manila Nazzaro Davide Silvestri
Delia Duran (TS)
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winner
  • Jessica nominated alongside sisters Clarissa and Lulù from Weeks 1-10.



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