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Jessica Angulo was a housemate in Gran Hermano del Pacífico 1.


Retrieved from World of Big Brother
Name: Jessica Angulo
Age: 23
Country: Ecuador
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 64kg[1]

Player History - Gran Hermano del Pacífico 1[]

Task History[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Claudio Andres Rodriguez
Leito Monteverde
Romina Ramos
3 Claudio Andres Rodriguez
Jarén Hidalgo
Jarén Hidalgo
Pamela Hitzpeter
4 Claudio Andres Rodriguez
Leito Monteverde
Claudio Andres Rodriguez
Teobaldo Álvarez
5 Bertha Alicia Rodriguez
José Luis Maldonado
6 José Luis Maldonado
Leito Monteverde
Liliana Langer
7 Juan Sebastián López
Viviana Andrade
8 Gianmarco Retis
Liliana Langer
9 Gianmarco Retis
Juan Sebastián López
10 Jarén Hidalgo
Teobaldo Álvarez
Juan Sebastián López
Teobaldo Álvarez
11 Jarén Hidalgo
Teobaldo Álvarez
Augusto Alvarez Penaranda
Juan Sebastián López
Kattya Denise Tamayo Ruiz
12 Augusto Alvarez Penaranda
Kattya Denise Tamayo Ruiz
13 No Nominations Nominated
14 In Secret Garden



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