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Jen da Silva was a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2.

She was paired up with Marylaine Viernes on Day 1 but she had no clue about the pair-up twist until the first nomination night, which led to a fight between the two friends and was eventually sent into the jail-cell for punishment.


Real Name: Jennifer Da Silva Origin: Las Piñas City, Metro Manila Age: 17 Birthdate: December 4 Place of Birth: Quezon City Nationality: Filipino Occupation: 26K Girl Sport: Volleyball Hidden Ambition: To be a famous actress and businesswoman Claim to Fame: 26K Girl on Kapamilya Deal or No Deal's 2nd Season Achievements: Ms. Las Piñas 2005

The Despised Babe

Acting was already in Jen's blood since she was born. Claiming to be an illegitimate child of a big 80s movie star whose career has not only diminished but has taken a somewhat criminal turn, she has never seen her father yet the urge to be famous was there.

Jen has joined beauty pageants and has won several of them including Ms. Las Piñas in 2005. She was also a part of an all female sing and dance group called the Hot Chicks which also featured PBB Teen Alumna Olym Meimban. The promise of fame excited Jen but after a year of lounging in limbo, she felt restless and she eventually auditioned to be part of Deal or No Deal's 26K girls.

Jen has been pretty independent since the age of 9 and she's also her family's bread winner. She's a natural fighter but her will to survive sometimes rubs her colleagues the wrong way. She has had fights and shouting matches with the other 26K girls because Jen just won't surrender to anyone, especially when she believes that she's right.

Although she isn't a star yet, At 17, Jen feels that the world is at her fingertips. She has a lot dreams and nothing can deter or stand in her way from achieving them.

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Week 1 Weekly Task 1 Win
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Week 2 HOH Loss

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