Jason Lorenzo Gainza is the runner-up of Pinoy Big Brother 1.

He was known for being a goofball inside the house who often teams up with Franzen Fajardo in times of mischief and joking. Due to his naughtiness and mischief with Franzen, they often received violations and punishments.

He was also known for being one of the two housemates in his season to receive the 100 Seconds Encounter as Big Brother's present for his birthday where he had a chance to talk to his wife and daughter in the confession room for 100 seconds each.

Starting from Week 7, he had been nominated every week until he became part of the Big Four and reached the Big Night.

He was eventually crowned as the 2nd Big Placer on Day 112 over Nene Tamayo who won the first ever Big Winner title after receiving only 27.5% of the total votes.


Jayson Lorenzo Gainza is a 25-year-old from Batangas City in the Province of Batangas. He used to be an overseas worker who once worked in Saudi Arabia.

He loves pulling up pranks and loves to have a good time.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 Nene Tamayo
Bob dela Cruz
4 JB Magsaysay
Nene Tamayo
5 Uma Khouny
Cassandra Ponti
6 No Nominations
7 Sam Milby
Uma Khouny
Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
Say Alonzo
8 Sam Milby
Uma Khouny
Cassandra Ponti
Sam Milby
Say Alonzo
9 Cassandra Ponti
Say Alonzo
Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
10 No Nominations
11 Say Alonzo
Cassandra Ponti
Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
Say Alonzo
Finale Runner-Up

Post Big Brother

Boy Abunda meets Bhoy Abunda

PBB Alumnus Jason Gainza, impersonating the television talkshow host Boy Abunda on the comedy gag show Banana Sundae


  • Jason was the first ever 2nd Big Placer in the history of Pinoy Big Brother.
  • His name was supposedly spelled Jayson, however Pinoy Big Brother 1 misspelled his name as Jason. It became his screen name since then.

Preceded by
Title Established
2nd Big Placer
Season 1
PBB1Jason Small
Jason Gainza
Succeeded by
Celebrity Edition 1
PBBCE1John Small
John Prats
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