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Janine Meißner, who goes by the stage name Janine Pink, is the winner of Promi Big Brother 7.


Janine Pink Biography

"I'm curious how it works to be able to sleep with so many people in a confined space, I have a very light sleep, and when it's snored, I do not know anything about sleeping."
Janine Pink made a name for herself with her role of "Yvonne Voss" in the soap "Köln 50667" . In 2019 the influencer becomes the "Celebrity Big Brother" resident.
Name: Janine Pink
Age: 32 years
Date of birth: April 8, 1987
Place of birth: Leipzig
Zodiac sign: Aries
Gender Female
Janine Pink, whose real name is Janine Meißner, decided after school initially for a down-to-earth profession as a beautician. This was followed by a specialization in cosmetic foot care. Beauty topics were Janine's everyday life. Botox, fake lashes and artificial fingernails, she is not averse. Real beauty surgeries are out of the question.
Career jump as "Yvonne Voss" at "Köln 50667" One day Janine - just for fun, as she says herself - went to a casting for a new soap format on TV. She got a role right away. Janine Meißner became "Yvonne Voss" in "Köln 50667" for five years starting in 2012.
In the series, she remains as an ex-wife of Jack, as an ex-girlfriend of Bruno and as an affair of Kevin always in the memory. After five years with "Köln 50667" it was time for a change of scenery. The character Yvonne remained, however, in the new show "Leben.Lieben.Leipzig", which was designed especially for Janine in the lead role. In 2019 she was hired.
But Janine Pink could not get over that. She wants to further develop her acting career - she would not object to Hollywood either.
Meanwhile, Janine Pink is a successful influencer. Always casual and sympathetic, she shares details from her everyday life with her more than 196,000 Instagram subscribers. Despite her fame, she has always remained on the ground - what her fans love and celebrate her for.
Janine is single and longs for a friend
Janine wishes for her private life a typical family. Despite her good looks - she was voted the Sexiest Saxon in 2017 - and her frank manner, Mr. Right did not want to step into her life. Nevertheless, she remains an optimistic cheerful nature and continues to search for the great love. She cheers her Insta-follower with her stories from the singles and dating life again and again.
Dream of wedding and children
Janine Pink is not stingy with her optical attractions, she does not lack male attention. But so far, she always came to the wrong guy-type. She does not want a "fuck-boy" anymore, who spends only one hot night with her and then is gone. So she continues to flirt and hopes that someday she will be able to tick off the wedding and children on her life checklist. Maybe Mr. Right will be waiting for Janine Pink at "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2019?[1]

Player's History - Promi Big Brother 7[]

Duel Arena History[]

Day 3 Live Duel Win
Day 4 Live Duel Win
Day 5 Live Duel Loss
Day 6 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 7 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 8 Live Duel Loss
Day 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 10 Live Duel Ineligible
Live Duel #2 Ineligible
Day 11 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 12 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 13 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 14 Live Duel Win
Day 15 Live Duel Win
Day 16 Live Duel Loss

Nomination History[]

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
10 Eva Benetatou Chris Manazidis
Theresia Fischer
Zlatko Trpkovski
11 Zlatko Trpkovski Ineligible
12 Theresia Fischer
13 Theresia Fischer Chris Manazidis
Theresia Fischer
Chris Manazidis
Theresia Fischer
Chris Manazidis
Lilo von Kiesenwetter
Sylvia Leifheit
Theresia Fischer
14 Sylvia Leifheit
15 Almklausi Meier Ineligible
16 Theresia Fischer
Almklausi Meier
Almklausi Meier
Theresia Fischer
17 No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]



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