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Jamie Marie Kern was a houseguest on Big Brother 1. She was banished one week before the finale and finished in fourth place.


Jamie Marie Kern Biography

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Born in San Rafael, California on July 16, 1977, Jamie was the first guest to celebrate her birthday in the Big Brother house. Jamie holds a BA from Washington State University, where she graduated first in her class with a 4.0 grade average.

Jamie is the current Miss Washington USA (no sign of a tiara in her luggage) and was recently accepted into the MBA program at Yale University.

Eager to live life to the fullest, Jamie says she laughs as much as possible (even if she's laughing at herself), tries whenever possible to stop and feel the moment, and is determined to figure out how she can make a difference. She likes to know what the experts think, and is, as a result, an inveterate collector of famous quotations. Oh, and she also loves to salsa dance.

Jamie admits that she'll read anything recommended by Oprah. She enjoys the poetry of Maya Angelou and seeks inspiration from self-help bestsellers like "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff" and Maria Shriver's "Ten Things I Wish I'd Known: Before I Went Out into the Real World". At the movies, she found inspiration in "Dead Poets Society", ("Carpe Diem!" she says it taught her.) Other film favorites include "Dances With Wolves", "JFK", "A Time to Kill", "Basic Instinct", "Wall Street" and the quirky comedy "American Pie".

Jamie takes full advantage of her adopted home town. She loves to visit Seattle's historic Pike Place Market, explore the diversity of Capitol Hills Broadway Street, and check out the comedy clubs in Pioneer Square.

For Jamie, enjoying the perfect hamburger has more to do with atmosphere than eating. The best burger, she says, comes straight off the grill at a football, basketball or baseball game, along with some nachos, candy and a soda, a team jersey and some good friends.

In the future, Jamie would love to travel to Italy, but a mere visit won't suffice. Her plan is to ride the gondolas, tour the cathedrals, meet a hot Italian guy and "eat as much pasta as possible!"

Player History - Big Brother 1 (US)

Task History

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Win
Week 3 Weekly Task Win
Week 4 Weekly Task Win
Week 5 Weekly Task Loss
Week 6 Weekly Task Win
Week 7 Weekly Task Win
Luxury Loss
Week 8 Weekly Task Win
Week 9 Weekly Task Loss
Week 10 Weekly Task Win
Luxury Loss
Week 11 Weekly Task Loss
Luxury Loss
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Luxury Loss

Nomination History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Jean Jordan
William Collins
4 Curtis Kin
Eddie McGee
6 Josh Souza
Karen Fowler
Eddie McGee
8 Eddie McGee
George Allen Boswell
Eddie McGee
10 Cassandra Waldon
Eddie McGee
Cassandra Waldon
11 Eddie McGee
George Allen Boswell
Eddie McGee
George Allen Boswell
12 Eddie McGee
Josh Souza
Eddie McGee
Josh Souza

Post Big Brother

  • After Big Brother, Jamie created IT Bye Bye Foundation and appears on television where her makeup is promoted.
    • In 2016, she sold her company to L'Oréal for 1.2 billion dollars.


  • Jamie is the first houseguest from Washington.
  • Jamie was the youngest woman to compete on Big Brother 1.
  • She was the highest-ranking female on Big Brother 1.
  • Jamie was the last person who was banished or eliminated by public vote. Starting from Big Brother 2, houseguests eliminated from the house are evicted or eliminated by the votes of their fellow houseguests.
  • Jamie lasted the longest in Big Brother 1 without being nominated.
  • Jamie was the only female on Big Brother 1 to last longer than more than one guy.
  • Jamie is the first houseguest to have an introductory video package.
  • Jamie has won Miss Washington 2000.
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