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Jamie Brooksby is the winner of Big Brother Australia 6.


Player History - Big Brother Australia 6[]

Friday Night Live History[]

Week Theme Result
1 Caveman Lose
2 On the Farm Lose
3 Back to Work Lose
4 Rockstar Lose
5 Horror Lose
6 Caribbean Lose
7 World Cup Lose
8 Pommy Lose
9 Bugs Lose
10 Asian Lose
11 Yankee Doodle Lose
12 Ooh La La Win
13 Christmas in July Win
14 Money Lose

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 2-Michael McCoy
1-Anna Lind-Hansen
- -
2 2-Ashley Cox
1-Michael McCoy
- -
3 2-Ashley Cox
1-Michael McCoy
- -
4 2-Ashley Cox
1-Michael McCoy
- -
5 2-David Graham
1-Michael McCoy
1-David Graham -
6 2-David Graham
1-Jade Stack
- -
7 2-Rob Rigley
1-David Graham
1-Rob Rigley -
8 2-David Graham
1-Rob Rigley
2-David Graham
2-Rob Rigley
9 2-Rob Rigley
1-Claire Madden
2-Claire Madden
2-David Graham
2-Krystal Forscutt
2-Rob Rigley
2-Lauren Clayton
1-Perry Apostolou
(to evict)
10 Banned - -
11 2-David Graham
1-Perry Apostolou
2-David Graham -
12 2-Darren Bowley
1-David Graham
- -
13 2-David Graham
1-Chris Everden
1-Claire Madden -
14 2-Max Panebianco
1-Chris Everden
2-David Graham Saved
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]



Preceded by
Season 5
Greg BBAU2005 Small
Greg Logan
Season 6
Jamie BBAU2006 Small
Jamie Brooksby
Succeeded by
Season 7
Aleisha 2007 Square
Aleisha Cowcher
Big Brother Australia 6 Housemates
Jamie BBAU2006 Small
Camilla BBAU2006 Small
David BBAU2006 Small
Max BBAU2006 Small
Chris BBAU2006 Small
Krystal BBAU2006 Small
Claire BBAU2006 Small
Darren BBAU2006 Small
Perry BBAU2006 Small
Gaelan BBAU2006 Small
Ashley BBAU2006 Small
John BBAU2006 Small
Rob BBAU2006 Small
Lauren BBAU2006 Small
Katie BBAU2006 Small
Danielle BBAU2006 Small
Dino BBAU2006 Small
Jade BBAU2006 Small
Michael BBAU2006 Small
Anna BBAU2006 Small
Karen BBAU2006 Small
Elise BBAU2006 Small
Tilli BBAU2006 Small