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James Reid is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010.

James first entered on Day 23 as part of the "Teenternationals" twist, wherein a group of foreign-born teens in the Philippines joined the season and competed against Team Pinoy, the remaining original teen housemates. He resided in the Apartment with his fellow Teenternational housemates.

Initially, 16-year-old Filipino-Australian James Reid was a shy and introverted housemate among a diverse group of teens. As he stayed longer and mingled with fellow Teenternationals, he gradually formed close relationships and befriended most of them. James became particularly close with Visayan-speaking American Bret Jackson and goofy Korean Ryan Bang, with the former connecting due to a similar interest in music. Due to his under-the-radar nature, he managed to avoid the wrath of nominations.

Throughout the season, James became known for his laid-back charm, natural nonchalance, and reserved nature. But he also possessed determination and eagerness to uplift his team. He's also one of the teen housemates who celebrated his Birthday in the Big Brother house. On Day 32, James turned 16 inside the Big Brother house, and the Teenternational housemates surprised James at his 17th Birthday Party.

He survived to reach the second merge of the season, where the remaining Pinoy and Teenternational housemates lived under one roof, the Villa. As the season progressed, James competed with Team Teenternationals against Team Pinoy to secure slots for the Big Night. Yet, as the season nears the end, James almost didn't make it due to emergency health concerns. On Week 8, while practicing for their Weekly Task, James had difficulty breathing and underwent an X-ray examination. On Day 53, James and fellow housemate Angelo Pasco were taken out of the house and were confined at the hospital as per the show's medical specialist. As a rule in the Pinoy Big Brother house, James and Angelo had to return to the house after 24 hours, or else it'd be a grave violation, and they'd receive a forced eviction as punishment. Out of the two housemates, however, only James was cleared by the hospital to return to the house, while Angelo was officially declared "forced evicted" due to his health. Upon James' return, he had to wear an oxygen tube connected to an oxygen tank for a week until Day 60.

Eventually, James secured a spot in the season's Big Six and reached the Big Night finale. At the Big Night finale, dubbed "Unite At the Big Night," the Team Teenternationals surpassed the Team Pinoy during public voting and James was left at the final two with his friend Ryan Bang. After earning 179,294 SMS votes, or 19.75% of the total votes, James stood victorious and clinched the Big Winner title. He received a Grand Prize package that included a ₱1,000,000 check, a Sony Vaio laptop, a 46" Sony LCD, a Crystal Clear Water franchise, an Asian tour for two to Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, and a ₱3M-worth condominium unit.


Nickname: James
Real Name: Robert James Reid
Origin: Australia
Age: 16
Birthdate: May 11, 1993
Nationality: Filipino-Australian ( his ethnicity is half White, half Filipino) Occupation:
Civil Status: Single
Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Going to the beach
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food: Sinigang

James was in the midst of studying when he and his father moved to the Philippines. He initially went to a regular high school, but he had a difficult time adjusting academically so his Australian father moved him to a distance-learning center. Because of his mestizo looks, many adored James but still, there are times that he lacks confidence in himself. And those are the times when he needed to speak in front of many people. Whenever he needs to speak in front of people, he often gets a mental block and fails to speak a word.

James made many friends, but is it enough for this friendly boy to adjust inside Big Brother's house, or is it like her studies that he needs special attention?

Player History - Teen Clash 2010[]

Task History[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Not in House
4 Exempt
5 Carson Vince
April Sun
Jack Yoon
Richard Na
6 Carson Vince
Sophia Ko
Richard Na
7 Joe Vargas
Fretzie Bercede
Angelo Pasco
Joe Vargas
8-9 Tricia Santos
Fretzie Bercede
Fretzie Bercede
Tricia Santos
10 No Nominations
Open Voting for Big Four
11 No Nominations
Open Voting for Big Four
Big Four Finalist
Big Night Finale Winner

Post Big Brother[]


James Reid - Hello 2.0 Legends Only ft. JAY B and ØZI (Official Music Video) - Careless Music

James Reid Esquire Cover Sep 2023

James Reid on the September 2023 cover of Esquire Philippines.


James Reid - u & i (Official Music Video) - Careless Music

James eventually pursued becoming a celebrity after winning Pinoy Big Brother, initially signing under ABS-CBN's talent agency, Star Magic before moving to transfer to Viva Artists Agency in 2012. Since then, he earned a list of chart-topping discography as a singer, and popular TV hit series and movies as an actor. From 2013-2016, James established himself as one of the most-sought after teen actors. Since 2017 however, James has decided to focus on his career as a musician and further his discography.

  • In 2013, James debuted his acting career in the movie adaptation of the Filipino pop-fiction novel, Diary ng Panget (intl: Diary of an Ugly) with Nadine Lustre, which became a blockbuster hit among the teen audiences. His debut cemented his status as a teen star. As a result of the blockbuster success, James and Nadine immediately gathered millions of fans after their love team was formed, named Jadine. Due to Jadine's popularity, James starred alongside Nadine in a film adaptation of Marcelo Santos III's novel, Para sa Hopeless Romantic.
  • In 2015 and 2016, James along with then onscreen partner and real-life girlfriend Nadine Lustre starred in two hit TV series, wikipedia:On the Wings of Love (TV series) and Till I Met You, both of which aired internationally and received success throughout African continent, Southeast Asia and Latin America.
  • As of 2016, Jadine reached international success throughout Southeast Asia and Africa as well as Latin America.
  • In 2017, James released his new album entitled Palm Dreams including the chart-topping song, Cool Down. Palm Dreams released two more singles; "Turning Up" and "The Life".
  • In 2017 under Viva Artists Agency, James alongside former housemate and Viva Artist Bret Jackson, set up the record label, Careless.
  • In 2018, James starred in the musical comedy-drama Miss Granny, the Filipino remake of the South Korean movie of the same name.
  • In 2019, James decided to leave Viva Artists Agency and went on to become an independent artist, taking the record label Careless with him.
  • In 2020, James and Nadine ended their four-year relationship. That same year, James decided to sign under Transparent Arts label, a Los Angeles-based record label by Far East Movement.
  • In 2022, James released his album Lovescene including his single u & I.
  • In 2023, James had his North American tour promoting his Lovescene album.

James Reid is currently based in Los Angeles, USA where he manages various Asian and Asian-American talents under his own music label and management agency, Careless.

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