Jale Karaturp was a housemate on Big Brother UK 2014.


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Twitter: @jale_
Home town:Surrey

  • Jale is sarcastic and dry, she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She has strong opinions on immigration and hates weakness in others.


  • She likes to rant – especially about things she is passionate about such as bad drivers, terrible call centre workers and people who are terrible at their jobs.


  • Jale lives on her own in a two bedroom house and claims that she 'can't live with people'.She doesn’t have any pets but would like to get a dog.


  • Jale's school life was difficult. She says people took a dislike to her because she was 'strong minded and strong willed' and would stand up for herself.


  • She currently works as a customer adviser and has been there for a year doing lots of project work.


  • She has strong political views on benefits and unemployment and thinks the 'divide between the rich and poor is sick'. She thinks the government are 'making the rich richer and the poor are scrambling around trying to feed themselves'.


  • Jale always tries to see the good in people but can sometimes hurt people with her words. She says she uses them as a 'defence mechanism' and will verbally 'tear someone apart' if she gets angry.


  • Her worst traits are that she gets wound up too easily. She has to meditate on a daily basis because if she doesn't her 'energy builds up, her defence mechanism goes up and her temper comes'.


  • She says that her strengths are 'thinking and strategising’ and thinks this would benefit her in tasks.


  • Jale thinks she would be a unique, multifaceted housemate. In the House, she will find it hard to keep her mouth shut and says that if people target and test her 'they're not going to do well of it'.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother UK 2014

Task History

Power Housemate History

Week 1 Not In House
Week 2 Ineligible
Week 3 Ineligible
Week 4 Win
Week 5 No Power Housemate

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Steven Goode
Tamara Stewart-Wood
Helen Wood
Mark Byron
Matthew Davies
Pauline Bennett
Steven Goode
Tamara Stewart-Wood
2 Ineligible
Chris Wright Nominated
3 Ash Harrison
Steven Goode
- Nominated
4 Ineligible
Power Housemate
5 Ash Harrison
Chris Wright
- Nominated



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