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Ivana Mrázová was a finalist in Grande Fratello VIP 2.

Entering the game as one of the lesser-known celebrities, Ivana was nominated right away by the rest of her housemates, but managed to survive elimination. Despite her status as a quieter personality, Ivana started to become more and more of a fan favorite as the season went on, showing her kind and fun personality through her friendships and interactions with Giulia De Lellis, Ignazio Moser and Luca Onestini, who became her boyfriend after the season.

A pivotal move for her game was when she chose to battle Cristiano Malgioglio, who she had a conflict with, in a head-to-head public vote during the semifinals. The choice was criticized by her fellow housemates, as Cristiano had been one of the most prominent characters of the season and they thought she had no shot against him, but the public deemed the move as brave and coherent, and rewarded Ivana by saving her against all odds. She then reached the finale and placed 3rd overall.


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