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It's the 1950s
Big Brother Task
Description The housemates will be back in time doing gender-specific tasks against opposite gender.
Appearance(s) Celebrity Big Brother 21 (UK)

It's the 1950s is a task that first appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 21 (UK).

The Task[]

The Housemates, complete with 1950s attire, were brought back in time doing gender-specific type of jobs. The male housemates were sent to the factory and given the task to do the factory jobs while the female housemates were given the task to do the housework.

However, unbeknownst to the male housemates, the female housemates were also sent to a secret factory and given the same jobs the male housemates had but it must remain secret throughout and they have to convince the male housemates that they were doing housework all day when the men comes home.

Whoever finished the jobs better will be the winner of the weekly shopping task and will receive the power to nominate.


Task No. Task title and description Result
Males Females
1 Cake Making
Each team must decorate cakes and put them in boxes as much as they could until the time runs out. Whoever had the most number of cakes put into boxes will gain the point.
No! Yes!
2 Garbage Segregation
Each team must sort out the garbage according to their specified trash bins. Whoever sorted better will win a point.
Yes! No!
3 Toy Factory
Each team must assemble and paint toy cars as much as they could until the time runs out. Whoever produced the most number of finished products will gain a point.
Yes! No!


Celebrity Big Brother 21 (UK) Male Win
Female Loss


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