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Isabelle Warburton is the winner of Big Brother 18 (UK).


Age: 21
Twitter: @isabwarburton
Hometown: Warrington

  • Isabelle hates the stereotype that comes with the way she looks. "I might have fake eyelashes and bleached hair but I’m actually not a bitch."
  • While in Ibiza last year, she hooked up with current housemate Kieran. She says they really hit it off and she’ll be insulted if he doesn’t remember her!
  • Isabelle’s pet hate is being judged by bitchy and fake girls. If any of the housemates give her a dirty look, she won’t hesitate to confront them

Why Big Brother?
"I want to have the best summer ever. I'm in-between jobs at the moment, so why the hell not!"

Player's History - Big Brother 18 (UK)[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Not In House
Week 2
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed
Week 4 Daily Task Passed
Daily Task Cancelled
Weekly Task Failed
Daily Task Ineligible
Week 5 Daily Challenge Loss
Daily Challenge Loss
Daily Challenge Loss
Daily Challenge Loss
Weekly Task Passed
Daily Task Ineligible
Daily Task Passed
Week 6 Daily Challenge Sat Out
Weekly Task Failed
Daily Challenge Win
Daily Challenge Win
Daily Challenge Loss
Daily Challenge Ineligible
Week 7 Daily Task Ineligible
The Steal Loss
Daily Task Passed

Shopping Budget History[]

Week 1 Not In House
Week 2
Week 3 Luxury Budget
Week 4 Luxury Budget
Week 5 Economy Budget
Week 6 Luxury Budget
Week 7 Economy Budget

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not In House
4 Lotan Carter
Tom Barber
Charlotte Keys
Ellie Young
Joe Quaranta
Kieran Lee
Lotan Carter
Savannah O’Reilly
Tom Barber
Nominations Void Nominated
5 Ineligible
6 Ineligible
7 Ineligible
Tom Barber
Kieran Lee
Tom Barber
8 Ineligible
Tom Barber Nominated
No Nominations Winner


  • Isabelle is the first female late entrant to walk away as the winner.
    • The first late entrant to win overall was Brian Belo.


Preceded by
Season 17
Jason 2016 Small
Jason Burrill
Season 18
Isabelle UK18 Small
Isabelle Warburton
Succeeded by
Season 19
BB19UK Small Cameron
Cameron Cole
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Isabelle UK18 Small
Raph UK18 Small
Deborah UK18 Small
Tom UK18 Small
Andrew UK18 Small
Kieran UK18 Small
Hannah UK18 Small
Charlotte UK18 Small
Ellie UK18 Small
Chanelle UK18 Small
Sam UK18 Small
Sue UK18 Small
Simone UK18 Small
Joe UK18 Small
Savannah UK18 Small
Lotan UK18 Small
Rebecca UK18 Small
Kayleigh UK18 Small
Sukhvinder UK18 Small
Imran UK18 Small
Arthur UK18 Small
Mandy UK18 Small
Second Chance Winner