Isabella Farnese was a housemate in Big Brother 19 (UK).


Age: 23
Twitter: Unknown
Hometown: Great Yarmouth

  • Lives at home with her parents in Great Yarmouth.
  • Works as a work rider, preparing horses for racing. Some of the horses are worth over half a million pounds.
  • Attended a horse racing college. She has taken part in seven races as a jockey and rode a winning horse at Chelmsford.
  • Hates two-faced, false and nasty people and says that "manners and kindness cost nothing".
  • Spends most of her money on her horse, who she calls her "pride and joy".
  • Quietly confident she could win and will be annoyed if she doesn't.
  • Isabella gets on better with men; "I’m a lad deep down".
  • She says that in a "world of Kardashians, be a Diana or a Marilyn".
  • She would spend her winnings on a cruise for her grandparents and put the rest towards helping rescued dogs and retired racehorses.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother 19 (UK)

Task/Competition History

Week 1 Not in House
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4 Gamechanger Not Picked
Weekly Task Failed
Week 5 Big Coin Gained Coins
Daily Task Passed
Gamechanger Win
Daily Task Passed
Weekly Task Passed
Gamechanger Loss

Nominations/Voting History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not In House
4 Ineligible
5 Akeem Griffiths
Brooke Berry
Cameron Cole
Lewis Flanagan
Public Nominee
Akeem Griffiths
Brooke Berry
Akeem Griffiths
Brooke Berry
Cameron Cole
Zoe Jones
Week Position Voted for With Majority?
5 Nominated

Post Big Brother



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