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Isa Pantoja was a housemate on Gran Hermano VIP 6 (Spain).


Retrieved and Translated from Telecinco.
He was born in Cuzco (Peru) on November 8, 1995
Daughter of Isabel Pantoja
Experience in reality Participated in 'Survivors 2015'
Butterfly Fighter He starred in the section 'I am Isa'
Daughter of Isabel Pantoja, Isa has always been famous. Although they have always tried to keep her away from the media, we have seen her grow older. At 18 years old his fame multiplied. He was a mother and became independent. Since then, the press is pursuing her. Everything he does or says appears on the covers of magazines. His love relationships monopolize many television hours and magazine covers of the heart. After passing through 'Survivors 2015', now Isa Pantoja dares to enter the most famous house on television. [1]

Nominations History - Gran Hermano VIP 6[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 3-Miriam Saavedra
2-El Koala
1-Ángel Garó
3-Ángel Garó
2-Darek Dabrowski
2-Tony Spina
1-Mónica Hoyos
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