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Intruders is a complex term in the Big Brother universe, referring to several different situations.

Basically, an intruder is a contestant, or a potential contestant who enters the house after an official launch.

Those who are simply visiting or acting as special guests in the house, or those apart of a fake eviction twist, and come back to the house, do not fall under this.

Usually these contestants enter the house either during a live show/eviction night, through the backdoor/backyard/secret bedroom in an unexpected time, through the diary room in an unexpected time, and during a planned challenge, task or twist. They are usually complete strangers to the rest of the house, and enter the house, just as if they were to come in on the official launch.

These housemates are usually automatically given housemate or houseguest status immediately, and in addition sometimes they become automatically immune in their first week in the house.

Intruders usually are either well liked and loved by the rest of the house and viewers, or they become very quick targets due to not being in the house originally, and being a new contestant.

An intruder is put into the house for various reasons. To shake things in the house up as an added twist, to extend the season longer than it was originally planned for by adding more contestants, to bring familiar faces that some of the houseguests know in the outside world into the game for entertainment value, or if in an unprecedented way, a number of contestants are ejected, expelled, disqualified, or leave the house other than an eviction.

Usually in some cases, an intruder is a television/internet personality or socialite, which in addition to the reasons above to why intruders are brought into the house, to bring exposure to the program.

In extremely rare but probable cases, a house could have more intruders than people who entered on the official launch, to where the intruders, who were meant to cause a minor twist or turn in the game, change the house dramatically.

An intruder doesn't have a high chance of winning or getting to the final week usually, and due to this, many of them purposefully behave in a way to get nominated and/or evicted quickly, however as of late, many intruders have ended up winning the entire series.

There are several different types of intruders.

  • Late comers: 'See also Wildcard Contestants. These intruders are contestants who enter the house after an official launch date. These intruders mostly consists of those who did not make the original cast on launch, socialites or internet personalities, or in some very interesting cases, contestants from a second round of auditions which take place during the program airs, or special sweepstakes and contests during the series, in which the viewers themselves could become a contestant. They are usually and always contestants who are complete strangers to the house, and have no type of added twist to their personality.
  • Replacements: Kind of similar to a late comer, these intruders are unplanned and put onto the show by production issues. These contestants replace those who either become expelled or ejected, or leave the house in means other than an eviction. These in rare cases are contestants who already entered the house, and were evicted early onto the game, or contestants living in a secret house who are automatically given housemate status. They are also contestants who did not make the original cast, or have not entered the house.
  • Familiar faces: These intruders are relatives, spouses or lovers, friends, enemies, and some other prior relationship to a housemate(s) that are currently in the house, who enter after the launch, or those who enter the house as intruders who are relatives of each other. This person could either be aware, or unaware that this person is coming into the house. In addition, they could either reveal or not reveal their prior relationship (which is depending on whether one party ruins the secret or not before the other and vice versa). This kind of an intruder is usually an estranged lover or acquaintance, used to torment a contestant who the viewers do not like.
  • Non housemate/houseguest: These intruders are those who have to earn their housemate status, in which failure to do so will make them immediately nominated and/or evicted, and ineligible to become a housemate. In some cases, contestants who enter the house during launch will also be given tasks they must complete, but they are still considered an intruder, as they are not an official housemate. In order to have housemate status, they must either complete tasks or challenges, successfully complete secret missions or tests by Big Brother, not be nominated by their other contestants, receive enough votes by the viewing public or the other housemates to stay in the house, or in some rare cases, if a housemate(s), are ejected, expelled or leave the house other than an eviction, they may automatically be given housemate status.
  • Previously Evicted: See also Previously Evicted House Guest. This is an intruder who was previously evicted from the house, but for no apparent production reason, in the same series, is given another opportunity to play the game again. This is done by winning a challenge or task, being voted in by the viewing public or by their fellow housemates, or in some cases, they are automatically given housemate status with no exceptions to the rule.

List of Intruder Housemates[]

United Kingdom[]


Season Intruders Intruder Type Received Housemate Status Final Result
1 Claire Strutton Replacement Yes 5th
2 Josh Rafter Late Comer Yes 6th
3 Tim Culley Replacement Yes 5th
Sophie Pritchard Replacement Yes 8th
4 Lisa Jeynes Late Comer Yes 6th
Jon Tickle Previously Evicted Yes 9th
5 Becki Seddiki Replacement Yes 10th
6 Kinga Karolczak Non Housemate Yes 4th
Orlaith McAllister Non Housemate Yes 7th
Eugene Sully Non Housemate Yes Runner Up
7 Grace Adams-Short Previously Evicted No 16th
Sam Brodie Replacement Yes 16th
Michael Cheshire Non Housemate Yes 11th
Jennie Corner Non Housemate Yes 6th
Spiral Coroner Non Housemate Yes 10th
Mikey Dalton Previously Evicted No 9th
Nikki Grahame Previously Evicted Yes 5th
Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Replacement Yes 3rd
Jayne Kitt Non Housemate Yes 12th
Jonathan Leonard Non Housemate No 14th
Susie Verrico Late Comer Yes 8th
Lea Walker Non Housemate No 13th
8 Amy Alexandra Non Housemate Yes 10th
Brian Belo Late Comer Yes Winner
Billi Bhatti Late Comer Yes 18th
Jonathan Durden Late Comer Yes 17th
Ziggy Lichman Late Comer Yes 4th
Kara-Louise Horne Non Housemate Yes 7th
Liam McGough Late Comer Yes 3rd
Seány O'Kane Late Comer Yes 19th
David Parnaby Non Housemate No 10th
Shanessa Reilly Non Housemate No 11th
Gerry Stergiopoulos Late Comer Yes 9th
Jonty Stern Non Housemate Yes 6th
9 Nicole Cammack Familiar Face Yes 9th
Sara Folino Late Comer Yes 3rd
Belinda Harris-Reid Late Comer Yes 15th
Stuart Pilkington Replacement Yes 10th
Maysoon Shaladi Late Comer Yes 13th
10 Marcus Akin Non Housemate Yes 7th
Sophia Brown Non Housemate Yes 20th
Sree Dasari Non Housemate Yes 17th
Anon Late Comer Yes 8th
Hira Habibshah Late Comer Yes 10th
Beinazir Lasharie Non Housemate No 22nd
Angel McKenzie Non Housemate Yes 18th
Tom Oliver Late Comer Yes 13th
David Ramsden Late Comer Yes 3rd
Siavash Sabbaghpour Non Housemate Yes Runner Up
Isaac Stout Familiar Face Yes 11th
Kenneth Tong Familiar Face Yes 14th
11 JJ Bird Non Housemate Yes 4th
Jo Butler Non Housemate Yes 10th
Andrew Edmonds Late Comer Yes 5th
Rachel Ifon Late Comer Yes 11th
Keeley Johnson Late Comer Yes 14th
Laura McAdam Non Housemate Yes 13th
Mario Mugan Non Housemate Yes 3rd
Sam Pepper Replacement Yes 7th
12 Jemma Palmer Familiar Face Yes 8th
13 Becky Hannon Non Housemate Yes 9th
14 Dan Neal Late Comer Yes 8th
Daley Ojuederie Late Comer Yes 11th
Hazel O'Sullivan Late Comer Yes 7th
Gina Rio Late Comer Yes 3rd
Charlie Travers Familiar Face Yes 5th
Jackie Travers Familiar Face Yes 10th
15 Zoe Birkett Non Housemate Yes 9th
Ashleigh Coyle Late Comer Yes Runner Up
Ash Harrison Late Comer Yes 4th
Jale Karaturp Late Comer Yes 15th
Biannca Lake Non Housemate No 13th
Pav Paul Non Housemate Yes 6th
Marlon Wallen Late Comer Yes 14th
Toya Washington Late Comer Yes 17th
Chris Wright Late Comer Yes 5th
16 Simon Gross Previously Evicted Yes 10th
Sam Kay Late Comer Yes 7th
Harry Amelia Martin Late Comer Yes 8th'
Marc O'Neill Late Comer Yes 9th
17 Jayne Connery Familiar Face Yes 6th
Charlie Doherty Familiar Face Yes 13th
Hughie Maughan Non Housemate Yes Runner Up
Natalie Rowe Non Housemate Yes 16th
Ryan Ruckledge Familiar Face Yes 10th
Andrew Tate Non Housemate No 18th
18 Tom Barber Non Housemate Yes 4th
Savannah O’Reilly Non Housemate Yes 11th
Isabelle Warburton Non Housemate Yes Winner
19 Hussain Ahmed Late Comer Yes 10th
Isabella Farnese Late Comer Yes 9th


Season Intruders Intruder Type Received Housemate Status Final Result
3 Jackie Stallone Late Comer Yes 8th
5 Jackiey Budden Familiar Face Yes 12th
Jade Goody Familiar Face Yes 9th
Jack Tweed Familiar Face Yes 6th
7 Ivana Trump Late Comer Yes 7th
15 Katie Price Late Comer Yes Winner
16 Bobby Davro Late Comer Yes 4th
Janice Dickinson Late Comer Yes 7th
19 Jedward Grimes Late Comer Yes Runner Up
Jessica Cunningham Late Comer Yes 11th
Chloe Ferry Late Comer Yes 12th
Kim Woodburn Late Comer Yes 3rd
21 Courtney Act Late Comer Yes Winner
John Barnes Late Comer Yes 13th
Andrew Brady Late Comer Yes 11th
Ginuwine Lumpkin Late Comer Yes 12th
Shane Lynch Late Comer Yes 3rd
Jonny Mitchell Late Comer Yes 10th
Daniel O'Reilly Late Comer Yes 9th
Wayne Sleep Late Comer Yes 5th

Ultimate Big Brother[]

Intruders Intruder Type Recieved Housemate Status Final Result
Michelle Bass Late Comer Yes 9th
Victor Ebuwa Late Comer Yes 4th
Vanessa Feltz Late Comer Yes 8th

United States[]

Season Intruders Intruder Type Received Housemate Status Final Result
1 Beth Thieme Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
3 Amy Crews Previously Evicted Yes 4th
Eric Ouellette Previously Evicted No 10th
4 Jee Choe Familiar Face Yes 5th
Justin Giovinco Familiar Face Yes 7th
Amanda Craig Familiar Face Yes 12th
Michelle Maradie Familiar Face Yes 11th
Robert Roman Familiar Face Yes 3rd
5 Natalie Carroll Familiar Face Yes 8th
6 Michael Donnellan Previously Evicted No 13th
Eric Littmann Previously Evicted No 12th
Kaysar Ridha Previously Evicted Yes 10th
8 Dick Donato Familiar Face Yes Winner
Dustin Erikstrup Familiar Face Yes 9th
Jessica Hughbanks Familiar Face Yes 6th
9 Alex Coladonato Previously Evicted No 12th
Sharon Obermueller Replacement/Previously Evicted Yes 4th
James Zinkand Previously Evicted Yes 6th
11 Michael Ellis Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
Jessie Godderz Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 9th
Brian Hart Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
Jessica Hughbanks Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
13 Lawon Exum Previously Evicted No 10th
Brendon Villegas Previously Evicted Yes 9th
14 Dan Gheesling Not a Houseguest Yes Runner Up
Britney Haynes Not a Houseguest Yes 8th
Mike "Boogie" Malin Not a Houseguest Yes 10th
Janelle Pierzina Not a Houseguest Yes 12th
15 Judd Daugherty Previously Evicted Yes 5th
Helen Kim Previously Evicted No 9th
Jessie Kowalski Previously Evicted No 10th
Candice Stewart Previously Evicted No 11th
16 Nicole Franzel Previously Evicted Yes 7th
Jocasta Odom Previously Evicted No 11th
Zach Rance Previously Evicted No 9th
Hayden Voss Previously Evicted No 10th
17 Becky Burgess Previously Evicted No 9th
Jackie Ibarra Previously Evicted No 10th
John McGuire Previously Evicted Yes 4th
Julia Nolan Not a Houseguest Yes 6th
Shelli Poole Previously Evicted No 11th
18 Victor Arroyo Previously Evicted (Twice) Yes 5th
Paulie Calafiore Previously Evicted No 8th
Bronte D'Acquisto Previously Evicted No 14th
Bridgette Dunning Previously Evicted No 9th
Zakiyah Everette Previously Evicted No 10th
Jozea Flores Previously Evicted No 15th
Glenn Garcia Previously Evicted No 16th
Da'Vonne Rogers Previously Evicted No 11th
Tiffany Rousso Previously Evicted No 13th
19 Paul Abrahamian Late comer Yes 2nd
Dominique Cooper Previously Evicted No 14th
Cameron Heard Previously Evicted No 17th
Cody Nickson Previously Evicted Yes 11th
Jillian Parker Previously Evicted No 15th
21 David Alexander Previously Evicted No 16th
Kemi Fakunle Previously Evicted No 14th
Cliff Hogg III Previously Evicted Yes 4th
Ovi Kabir Previously Evicted No 15th
25 Jag Bains Previously Evicted Yes Winner
Cirie Fields Late comer/Familiar Face Yes 5th
Jared Fields Previously Evicted No 11th
Cameron Hardin Previously Evicted Yes 9th

Canada (English)[]

Season Intruders Intruder Type Received Housemate Status Final Result
1 Alec Beall Previously Evicted No 8th
Topaz Brady Previously Evicted No 7th
AJ Burman Previously Evicted No 9th
Gary Levy Previously Evicted Yes Runner Up
2 Scott Bosse Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
Nate Sandri Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
Allison White Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 7th
3 Johnny Colatruglio Previously Evicted No 13th
Graig Merritt Previously Evicted No 14th
Naeha Sareen Previously Evicted No 15th
Risha Denner Previously Evicted No 16th
Sindy Nguyen Previously Evicted Yes 11th
4 Tim Dormer Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 3rd
Veronica Graf Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
Nikki Grahame Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 6th
Jase Wirey Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
6 Veronica Doherty Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 13th
Merron Haile Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 11th
Mikey Jakobczak Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
Kirsten MacInnis Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
7 Cory Kennedy Late comer/Not a Houseguest Yes 8th
Holly Noseworthy Late comer/Not a Houseguest No N/A
9 Jedson Tavernier Previously Evicted No 6th
Tera Gillen-Petrozzi Previously Evicted Yes 3rd


Season Intruders Intruder Type Received Housemate Status Final Result
9 Benjamin Norris Late Comer Yes Winner
Sam Wallace Late Comer Yes 6th
Ava David Late Comer Yes 11th
George Baramily Late Comer Yes 12th
Ray Baxter Late Comer Yes 12th
10 Boog Roe Non Housemate Yes 5th
Madaline Cogar Non Housemate Yes 7th
Nathan Little Non Housemate Yes 10th
Justynn Harcourt Non Housemate No 12th
Jade Albany Pietrantonio Late Comer Yes Runner-Up
Anthony Drew Late Comer Yes 5th
Katie & Lucy Mercer Late Comer Yes 11th
Rohan Mirchandaney Late Comer Yes 5th
11 Penny Higgs Non Housemate Yes 5th
Lina Grant Non Housemate Yes 6th
Richard Hordern-Gibbings Non Housemate Yes 9th
Tom Mackay Non Housemate Yes 10th
Marina Rakovskaia Non Housemate Yes 14th
Leo Burke Late Comer Yes 8th
Cat Law Late Comer Yes 11th
Aisha McKinnon Late Comer Yes 12th
Lawson Reeves Late Comer Yes 13th
Sam Bramham Late Comer Yes 17th
12 Chad Hurst Late Comer Yes Winner
Sophie Budack Late Comer Yes Runner-Up
Sarah McDougal Late Comer Yes 5th
Hannah Campbell Late Comer Yes 10th
Shane Vincent Late Comer Yes 12th
Garth Saville Late Comer Yes 14th
Danni Keogh Late Comer Yes 16th
SooBong Hwang Late Comer Yes 18th
13 Adriana Fernandez Non Housemate Yes 7th
Charlotte McCristal Non Housemate Yes 9th
Brenton Balicki Non Housemate Yes 12th
Mitch Giles Non Housemate Yes 13th
Gabe Criste Non Housemate Yes 14th
Alex McCristal Non Housemate No 16th
Marley Biyendolo Late Comer Yes Winner
Ari Kimber Late Comer Yes 4th
Tilly Whitfeld Late Comer Yes 8th
Mary Kalifatidis Late Comer Yes 10th
Jess Trend Late Comer Yes 11th
Charlotte Hall Late Comer Yes 15th
Christopher Wayne Late Comer Yes 22nd
Michael Brown Late Comer Yes 23rd
14 Drew Drew Late Comer Yes 10th
Trevor Butler Late Comer Yes 16th
Layla Subritzky Late Comer Yes 19th
Tully Smyth Late Comer Yes 11th
Brenton Parkes Late Comer Yes 4th
Jules Rangiheuea Late Comer Yes 12th
15 Maddi-Rose McGuire Late Comer Yes 12th
Oli Walton Late Comer Yes 10th


Season Intruders Intruder Type Received Housemate Status Final Result
1 Jenny Suico Previously Evicted Yes 7th
Sam Milby

Replacement Housemate

Yes 8th
Teen Edition 1 Joaqui Mendoza Replacement Housemate Yes 10th

Brenda Fox

Replacement Housemate Yes 6th
2 Wendy Valdez Previously Evicted Yes


Kian Kazemi Previously Evicted Yes 10th

Jasmin Engracia

Previously Evicted No 16th
Zeke Dimaguila Previously Evicted No 15th
Kian Kazemi Non Housemate Yes 10th
Jasmin Engracia Non Housemate Yes 16th
Jeremy Hidano Non Housemate No 17th
Mikah Dizon Non Housemate No


Yen Galagnara Non Housemate Yes 11th
Geraldine Javier Non Housemate No 13th
Celebrity Edition 2 Jon Avila Late Comer Yes 5th
Ethel Booba Late Comer Yes 11th
Gladys Guevarra Replacement Housemate Yes


Double Up Sam Pinto Replacement Housemate Yes 10th
Rocky Salumbides Replacement Housemate Yes 14th
Johan Santos Late Comer



Steve Jumalon Late Comer Yes 5th
Kath Lopeña-Ortega Late Comer Yes


Hermes Bautista Late Comer Yes 8th
Cathy Remperas Late Comer Yes 8th
Rica Paras Late Comer


Patrick Villanueva Late Comer Yes 14th
Rob Stumvoll Late Comer Yes 16th
Riza Mae Patria Late Comer Yes 17th
Jimson Ortega Late Comer Yes 22nd
Teen Clash 2010 James Reid Late Comer Yes Winner
Ryan Bang Late Comer Yes Runner-Up
Bret Jackson

Late Comer

Yes 6th
Ann Li Late Comer


Jenny Kim Late Comer Yes 8th
Sophia Ko Late Comer


Jack Yoon Late Comer Yes 14th
Richard Na Late Comer Yes 17th
Carson Vince Late Comer Yes 18th
April Sun Late Comer Yes 21st
Jovic Susim Replacement Housemate Yes 20th
Maichel Fideles Late Comer Yes 27th
Unlimited Deniesse Joaquin Non Housemate Yes 10th
Cindy Miranda Non Housemate No 34th
Rhea Lim Non Housemate No


Reg Pineda Non Housemate Yes 30th'
RJ Padilla Non Housemate No 36th
Kulas Alon Non Housemate No 34th
Ryan Tomas Late Comer Yes 18th
Seth Cox Late Comer Yes 25th
Teen Edition 4 Myrtle Sarrosa Late Comer Yes Winner
Karen Reyes Late Comer Yes Runner-Up
Mariz Rañeses Late Comer Yes


Clodet Loreto Late Comer Yes


Claire Bercero Late Comer


Nikka Javier

Late Comer



All In Daniel Matsunaga Late Comer Yes Winner
Cheridel Alejandrino Late Comer


737 Teen Edition Ylona Garcia Late Comer Yes Runner-Up
Franco Rodriguez Late Comer Yes 3rd
Zonia Mejia Late Comer Yes 7th
Kyle Secades Late Comer Yes 8th
Civilian Edition Miho Nishida Late Comer Yes Winner
Tommy Esguerra Late Comer Yes Runner-Up
Zeus Collins

Late Comer

Yes 5th
Richard Juan Late Comer Yes


Jameson Blake Late Comer Yes 7th
Krizia Lusuegro Late Comer Yes 12th
Philip Lampart Late Comer Yes 13th
James Linao Late Comer Yes 15th
Jessica Marasigan Late Comer Yes 16th
Mikee Agustin Previously Evicted Yes 8th
Kamille Filoteo Previously Evicted No 10th
7 Celebrity Edition Jinri Park

Late Comer


1st Lucky Star

Juan Karlos Labajo Late Comer Yes 6th
Hideo Muraoka Late Comer Yes 7th
Teen Edition Kisses Delavin Late Comer Yes 2nd Lucky Sun
Vivoree Esclito Late Comer Yes 6th
Kristine Hammond Late Comer Yes


Heaven Peralejo Late Comer Yes 9th
Fenech Veloso Late Comer Yes 10th
Rita Gaviola Late Comer Yes 11th
Civilian Edition Aura Azarcon Late Comer Yes 2nd Lucky House
Wil Dasovich Late Comer Yes 6th
Jesi Corcuera Late Comer Yes 9th
Dream Team

Elisse Joson

Previously Evicted



Yassi Pressman

Previously Evicted No 15th
Yong Muhajil Previously Evicted Yes 3rd
Christian Morones Previously Evicted Yes 14th

Cora Waddell

Previously Evicted Yes 7th
Baninay Bautista Previously Evicted Yes 13th


Season Intruders Intruders Type Recieved Housemate Status? Final Result
1 Daniela Ballester Late Comer Yes 4th
Marcelo Corazza Late Comer Yes Winner
2 Javier Aureano Late Comer Yes 5th
Maximiliano Degenaro Late Comer Yes 8th
Silvina Luna Previously Evicted Yes Runner-Up
3 Natalia Quintilliano Previously Evicted Yes 5th
4 Claudia Ciardone Previously Evicted Yes 7th
5 Floppy Tesouro Late Comer Yes 11th
Sebastián Graviotti Late Comer Yes 5th
Eugenia Puggioni Previously Evicted Yes 6th
6 Constanza Álvarez Late Comer Yes 16th
Jonathan Kok Late Comer Yes 13th
Cristian Urrizaga Previously Walked Yes Winner
Emiliano Boscatto Previously Evicted Yes Runner-Up
Gisele Marchi Previously Evicted Yes 6th
Rocío Gancedo Previously Evicted Yes 14th
7 Clarisa Abreu Potential Housemate Yes 22nd
Lucas Piro Potential Housemate Yes 25th
Fabricio Chaves Potential Housemate Yes 24th
Leonardo Chaves Potential Housemate Yes 21st
Ezequiel Tramannoni Potential Housemate Yes 18th
Leandro Di Giusto Potential Housemate Yes 15th
Dolores Escala Potential Housemate Yes 19th
Dolores Escala Potential Housemate/

Previously Evicted

Yes (Twice) 12th
Tomás Loyola Potential Housemate Yes 16th
Nazareno Bellini Potential Housemate Yes 7th


  • In Pinoy Big Brother 2, the two intruders were both mothers. On Week 11, before the eviction took place, the show had a "Mommy Elections" where the housemates voted for who they wanted to become a housemate instead of the usual public voting.
  • In Big Brother Australia 10, four intruders entered where at the end of the week, the public could vote for the two intruders who they wanted to become a housemate. On Week 10, Madaline Cogar was supposed to be evicted but Nathan Little who became an official housemate decided to give up his place for her instead.

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