The Housemates are the residents of the Big Brother House.

Each contestant of Big Brother is called a Housemate where in they would live inside a house with their fellow housemates while competing for the grand prize.

Types of Housemates

There are three types of housemates in Big Brother.

Civilian/Regular Adult Housemates

These housemates are adult people aged 18-60 with an ordinary background and came from different walks of life. These type of housemates compete in Civilian Seasons of Big Brother.

Celebrity Housemates

These housemates have high-profile status as most of them are famous public figures and are somehow known in various fields such as sports, music, news broadcast and entertainment industry. Celebrity Housemates who enter the house vary from A-List to D-List Celebrities and usually compete along with a chosen charity.

Teen Housemates

These housemates aged 13-19 are adolescents who are often high school students or college students. They appear in every Teen Season of Big Brother. Usually, Big Brother is more strict when it comes to the Teen Housemates and becomes a father-figure in the house. The Teen Editions typically air every Summer as the Teens were out of school.

US and Canada

In the American and Canadian version of Big Brother, the contestants are called Houseguests.


  • Throughout the world, only Big Brother UK and Pinoy Big Brother feature Teen Housemates.
    • Pinoy Big Brother is the only franchise to successfully produce Teen Editions as the UK Version turned out to be controversial.
    • A revised Rule Book was made by Pinoy Big Brother especially for the Teenage Housemates, notable rules were added such as ban of liquor and cigarettes as well as prohibition of any sexual misconduct between two teen housemates. It was made to avoid any controversies and criticisms from the audience.
    • Teen Editions are also considered as Summer Seasons as it usually airs every Summer.
  • Big Brother UK (franchise) is the first Big Brother franchise to feature Celebrities living in the Big Brother House.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: All In is the first ever season to feature all three types of Housemates living together inside one house.
  • For the first time ever in the history of Big Brother, Gran Hermano 18 (Spain) introduced 100 Civilians inside the house on launch night where 83 of them would be mass evicted the following day and only the chosen 20 housemates would remain.

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