A Housemate Exchange is common international twist when one housemate from one country's season is swapped to another country's season for a set amount of time.

How It Works

A housemate exchange occurs when two countries decide to swap housemates. The selected housemates are blindfolded out of the house and blocked from the outside world during transportation. Once they enter the opposing house, they continue to live their lives as a guest to the house. Once their time is done, they return to their original house, the way they came.

Types of Exchanges

Normal Exchange

A normal exchange occurs when two housemates, who are still in the active playing of the game, are swapped for a short time.

Evicted Housemate Exchange

A evicted exchange occurs when two housemates, who have been evicted during their current season that is still airing, are swapped for a short time.


A kidnapping exchange occurs when another country's season arrives at a different house and steals a housemate and brings them back to their country for a short amount of time.


List of Exchanges

List of Big Brother Housemate Exchanges
Country Name Season Country Name Season Length
Mexico Flag Eduardo Orozco Big Brother México 1 Spain Flag Andrés Barreiro Gran Hermano 3 (Spain) 7 days
Argentina Flag Eduardo Carrera Gran Hermano Argentina 3 Spain Flag Inma González Gran Hermano 4 (Spain) 7 days
Ecuador Flag Álvaro Montalvan Gran Hermano Ecuador 1 Mexico Flag Eduardo Enrique Big Brother México 2 7 days
Africa Flag Gaetano Kagwa Big Brother Africa 1 UK Flag Cameron Stout Big Brother 4 (UK) 4 days
Mexico Flag Isabel Madow Big Brother México VIP 2 Spain Flag Aída Nízar Gran Hermano 5 (Spain) 7 days
Pacific Region Flag Gianmarco Retis Gran Hermano del Pacífico 1 Russia Flag No Housemate Big Brother Russia 1 Unknown
Scandinavia Flag Anton Granlund Big Brother Sweden and Norway 2 Thailand Flag Boo Kirt Tirat Big Brother Thailand 2 7 days
Argentina Flag Pablo Espósito Gran Hermano Argentina 4 Brazil Flag Iris Stefanelli Big Brother Brazil 7 4 days
Philippines Flag Bruce Quebral Pinoy Big Brother 2 Slovenia Flag Tina Semolič Big Brother Slovenia 1 5 days
Argentina Flag Soledad Melli Gran Hermano Argentina 5 Spain Flag Eneko Van Horenbeke Gran Hermano 9 (Spain) 7 days
Africa Flag Munya Chidzonga Big Brother Africa 3 Finland Flag Johan Grahn Big Brother Finland 4 7 days
Italy Flag Doroti Polito Grande Fratello 9 Spain Flag No Housemate Gran Hermano 10 (Spain) 7 days
Leonia Coccia
Finland Flag Kätlin Laas Big Brother Finland 5 Philippines Flag Cathy Remperas Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up 6 days
Italy Flag Carmela Gualtieri Grande Fratello 10 Spain Flag Gerardo Prager Gran Hermano 11 (Spain) 7 days
Massimo Scattarella Saray Pereira
Finland Flag Niko Nousiainen Big Brother Finland 6 Slovenia Flag Sandra Auer Big Brother Slavnih 1 6 days
Israel Flag Jackie Menahem HaAh HaGadol 3 Spain Flag Lydia Navarro Gran Hermano 12 (Spain) 7 days
Finland Flag Janica Kortman Big Brother Finland 7 Norway Flag Siv Anita Austad Big Brother Norge 4 10 days
Denmark Flag Annica Englund Big Brother Denmark 4 Sweden Flag No Housemate Big Brother Sverige 6 7 days
Brazil Flag Laisa Portella Big Brother Brazil 12 Spain Flag No Housemate Gran Hermano 12+1 7 days
No Housemate Noemí Merino 5 days
Argentina Flag Victoria Irouleguy Gran Hermano Argentina 7 Israel Flag Sophie Kravetsky HaAh HaGadol 4 7 days
Mexico Flag Danielle Clyde Big Brother México PM 4 Spain Flag Daniel Vera Gran Hermano 16 (Spain) 5 days
Brazil Flag Antônio Rafaski Big Brother Brazil 17 Spain Flag Elettra Lamborghini Gran Hermano VIP 5 (Spain) 7 days
Manoel Rafaski
Brazil Flag No Housemate Big Brother Brazil 19 Italy Flag Alberto Mezzetti Grande Fratello 15 6 days
Key: Evicted Exchange Kidnapping Exchange Other Kind of Exchange

Note:If there is no background color, it is a normal exchange.


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