This article is about the special guests that visit the Big Brother House. For the United States and Canada contestant, see Housemates.

A House Guest is a special guest who enters the Big Brother house for a specific number of days without being nominated or evicted. Most of the house guests enter the house to perform a task but they can be sent in as part of a twist depending on each season.

Types of House Guests

Celebrity House Guest

They are the most common type of visitors of the house, making the whole house crazy once they enter. Oftentimes, they are part of the Housemates's tasks, but there are occasions where they visit the house for various reasons, may it be a reward for the housemates or to promote an upcoming movie or TV series.

House Players

These type of House Guests enter the house with the viewers controlling his/her every move. They usually follow tasks decided by the public. America's Player can somehow be considered as a House Player.


  • Pinoy Big Brother presenters Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez became the first Big Brother presenters to become House Guests inside the Big Brother house, when both were announced as house guests during Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2.
    • Mariel Rodriguez was declared as a surprise house guest on Day 4 when she was locked inside the house by Big Brother after she accompanied the new housemate Jon Avila inside the Confession Room. The same thing happened to Toni Gonzaga two weeks later after the usual Nominations Ceremony.
    • Mariel became the Big Brother house guest to stay the longest inside the Big Brother house, staying for 53 days.

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