Hisham Suliman is a housemate on HaAh HaGadol VIP 3.


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Hisham Suleiman, 41, lives in Nazareth Illit, is married + 3. Hisham is an actor and creator, grew up in a large family, one of fourteen brothers and sisters, in a poor neighborhood in Nazareth, in conservative Arab society. From an early age, he dreamed of becoming a successful actor and became the first Arab to study acting with Yoram Levinstein. He founded the Fringe Theater in Nazareth because it is important for him to help and promote the community from which he comes. His great breakthrough came when he played Abu Ahmad in the successful series "Fouda", which followed him he also served overseas. At every stage of his life he deals with his identity and his definition, he is an Arab Palestinian Israeli. Hisham is a wise and determined man to achieve his goals, believes in himself and his abilities, and has values ​​of love of people and coexistence. Hisham's big challenge at Big Brother will be the political challenge. It is important for him to know the man Hisham and not only the actor Hisham [1]

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Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Gili Mossinzon
Adi Leon
2 Eden Yohanan
Orly Revivo
Eden Yohanan
3 Orly Revivo
Eden Yohanan
Eden Yohanan
No Nominations Nominated
4 Asaf Goren
Eden Yohanan
Orly Revivo Nominated
5 No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Nominated
6 Asaf Goren
Ben Zini
Adi Leon
Nataly Dadon
Orly Revivo

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