A Have-Not is a HouseGuest that has to eat slop in addition to foods voted on by America, sleep in the Have-Not Bedroom, and take cold showers. The alternative is a Have. The status of Have or Have-Not was determined in the weekly Have/Have-Not Competition up until Big Brother 15 (US). From Big Brother 16 (US), the Head of Household would choose the Have-Nots. A HouseGuest may be exempted from being Have-Not by earning a Never-Not Pass.

The twist did not appear in either Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US) or Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US).


  • Big Brother Canada 3 houseguest Brittnee Blair and Big Brother Canada 6 houseguest Kaela Grant hold the record for being a Have-Not the most weeks in a single season, with a total of five times.
  • Big Brother 11 houseguest Michele Noonan, Big Brother 15 houseguests Helen Kim and Elissa Slater, Big Brother 18 houseguest Corey Brooks, Big Brother 19 houseguests Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez, and Big Brother 20 houseguest Scottie Salton hold the record for being a Have-Not the most weeks in a single season in the US version, a total of four times.
    • Mark was technically a Have-Not five times, but he had won the Have-Not Escape once, ending his Have-Not early.
  • Big Brother 12 houseguest Lane Elenburg, Big Brother 14 houseguests Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo, and Big Brother 19 houseguest Raven Walton are the only houseguests to make it to the end of the Have-Not Phase without being a Have-Not.
    • However, Raven won a Never-Not Pass in Week 1.
    • Frank has played two seasons and never been a Have-Not in either season, although in his second season he was evicted before the Have-Not phase ended.
    • Big Brother 21 houseguests Analyse Talavera, Cliff Hogg III, Holly Allen, Jack Matthews, and Nick Maccarone also share this feat, however, the Have-Not Phase only lasted for two weeks during this season as opposed to lasting throughout most of the game like on any other season.
    • Big Brother Canada 8 houseguests, Carol Rosher, Chris Wyllie, Hira Deol, Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao and Sheldon Jean also share this feat, however, their season was abruptly cancelled before the Have-Not Phase could officially end.
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