Hasan Shah was a housemate on the Teen Big Brother: The Experiment.


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Age: 18
Born: January 29, 1985
Hometown: London
Significant others: Lives with dad and grandmother

A-level student Hasan is a practising Muslim who prays five times a day. He describes himself as a Kashmiri Pakistani who was born in England. Hasan admits to being lazy and a bit of a bully but says he can also be sensitive, emotional and charismatic. Family life is of utmost importance to Hasan, so the break up of his parents affected him deeply. Although his mother now lives in America, he is very close to her and visits as often as possible. He lives with his dad in the family home in central London. Currently studying Media and English, Hassan admits he's at a crossroads in his life and isn't sure what he wants to do. He has never had a serious relationship.[1]

Player History - Teen Big Brother: The Experiment

Nomination/Voting History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 Shaneen Dawkins
Paul Brennan
James Kelly
Jade Dyer
Paul Brennan
Shaneen Dawkins
Day Position Voted to Evict With Majority?
5 Nominated



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