Hannah Campbell was a housemate on Big Brother Australia 12.


Hannah Campbell Biography

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Confident, cutthroat and super competitive, Hannah is going to tackle the game of Big Brother with a vengeance.
The fit, bright communications specialist grew up in a footy family with two brothers. The three of them play at the same AFL club and her dad is a coach. Hannah won’t let boys try and beat her at anything. Boys don’t scare her; in fact, she’s not afraid of anyone. She’s even earned the nickname ‘Bulldozer’ because she’ll let nothing stand in the way of getting what she wants.
Hannah does have a soft side though, especially when it comes to her 85-year-old Nonna whom she visits every couple of days. Hannah’s strong passion for aged care is reflected in her current dream job with a national health and aged care company.
Hannah is currently single and lives with three other girls from her footy club whom she says would describe her as funny and caring. In the Big Brother house, she expects to stand out for her positive mindset, resilience and cooking skills, as well as her constant need to eat. This girl LOVES food and will go weak over the knees for a man who can cook.
Hannah can’t stand people who are full of themselves or selfish and says that lying men and bitchy girls will push her over the edge. If she doesn’t like someone, they’ll know about it - she is not going to tread lightly.
If she were to win Big Brother, Hannah would take her Nonna on a cruise and put a deposit on a house. [2]

Player History - Big Brother Australia 12

Competition/Task History

Week 1 Secret Mission Not in House
Nomination Challenge
Secret Mission
Nomination Challenge
Shopping Task Earned $150
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 2 Reward Task Passed
Nomination Challenge Loss
Reward Task Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $190
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 3 Reward Task Passed
Nomination Challenge Loss
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $175
Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 4 Reward Task Failed
Nomination Challenge Loss
Reward Task Failed
Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $250
Nomination Challenge Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Not in House
Nominated SooBong Hwang Yes
2 Talia Rycroft Yes
Zoe George No
Chad Hurst No
3 Ian Joass Yes
Garth Saville Yes
Mat Garrick No
4 Angela Clancy No
Angela Clancy Yes

Post Big Brother



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