Hélder Teixeira[2] was a housemate on Big Brother Portugal 5.


Hélder Teixeira Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVI
Age: 39 years
Location: Santa Maria da Feira
Metrosexual assumed, the Hélder is addicted to the solarium and in exercise. He recently won the Oscar for the Most Fit Partner at the gym he attends. In addition to concerns about the body, the competitor highlights other vices: women, motorcycles and facebook. He reveals that he has difficulties in sharing his space and that he is a perfectionist, stubborn and punctual. He likes to organize his life in detail. Your wardrobe is organized by colors and models. He always tries to be the best in everything he does and, according to him, he hardly fails, whether in his work as an electronic technician or in any other area of ​​his life. He believes he has a talent for acting and for imitating voices. He wants to participate in Big Brother to gain fame as a comedian.[3]

Player's History - Big Brother Portugal 5

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Fábio Martins
Pedro Soá
Edmar Teixeira
3 Edmar Teixeira
Sandrina Pratas
Ana Catharina França
Ana Catharina França
Edmar Teixeira
To Eject
4 Daniel Guerreiro
Soraia Moreira
Diogo Cunha
5 Ana Catharina França
Soraia Moreira
Diogo Cunha
Ana Catharina França
Daniel Guerreiro
Noélia Pereira
Slávia dos Santos
Soraia Moreira
6 Ana Catharina França
Noélia Pereira
Diogo Cunha
Ana Catharina França
Noélia Pereira
Slávia dos Santos
Soraia Moreira



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