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Grace Adams-Short was a housemate on Big Brother 7 (UK).


Grace Adams-Short Biography
Retrieved from Channel 4
Grace has lived on her own for three years and loves it. She claims her life could only be improved if she could cook, had a garden and wasn't such a tidy freak. She says that her worst habit is that's she's a total name dropper when it comes to clothes.

Personal Data
Age: 20
Home: London
Job: Dance teacher
Starsign: Leo

Film: Dirty Dancing, Bring It On and Grease.
TV Show: Not known
Book: The Life of a Manhattan Call Girl.
Food: Chocolate, Pasta and Ice Cream.

She says:
I am pure grace.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 7 (UK)[]

Grace was an early influencer inside of the first part of season 7. In the first week she won immunity after being chosen by the majority to enter "The Big Brotherhood". Shortly after, she formed a clique inside the house with George Askew, Imogen Thomas, Sezer Yurtseven, Nikki Grahame, and showmance partner Mikey Dalton. In Week 2, her patience was put to the test as new housemates Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Sam Brodie entered the house and gave Richard Newman's side of the house the majority. Tides began to turn for Grace's group as Sezer was evicted over Richard by a record percentage showing Grace and her allies that the public was against them. Two weeks later, Grace was nominated against Nikki when "Golden Ticket" housemate Susie Verrico entered and nominated them solely for eviction. On Friday, Grace was evicted by a huge majority of the votes and threw water on Aisleyne on the way out the door before getting booed by the crowd.

Task History[]

Week 1 Immunity Win
Daily Task Passed
Daily Challenge Ineligible
Week 2 Shopping Task Partially Passed
Shopping Task Passed
Week 3 Daily Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Failed
Week 4 Immunity Loss
Shopping Task Failed

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 In Big Brotherhood
2 Lea Walker
Richard Newman
Glyn Wise
Nikki Grahame
3 Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace
Sam Brodie
Richard Newman -
4 Ineligible
Susie Verrico Nominated
12 Ineligible
Next Door

Post Big Brother[]

  • Since leaving the house, Grace and fellow housemate Mikey Dalton have gotten married.[2]
    • As of 2023, the couple have been married for 17 years and have 4 children.
  • Grace appeared alongside Mikey and Chantelle Houghton on This Morning to promote Big Brother 20 (UK). They were interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Big Brother 11 (UK) winner Josie Gibson.
    • Following her time in the house, Grace said she deserved her negative public reception and that it was a learning experience.



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