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Giulia De Lellis was a finalist in Grande Fratello VIP 2.

Before competing on the second season, Giulia had already made a name for herself during Grande Fratello VIP 1, as she was often a guest on the show to support her then-boyfriend and houseguest Andrea Damante: one of the most talked about moments of the season involved Giulia entering the house to surprise Andrea and to confront houseguest Asia Nuccetelli for flirting with him.

During Grande Fratello VIP 2, Giulia was a controversial figure: the general public criticized her for her lack of education and certain ignorant comments, but she was consistently voted as one of the Favorites of the House and deemed immune through the support of her dedicated fanbase. On Day 64, Giulia won the public vote and was named the first finalist of the season. As time went on, Giulia was able to show different sides of her personality: she developed tight friendships with Ivana Mrázová and Luca Onestini as well as a conflict with Daniele Bossari. In the finale, Giulia had to face Daniele head-to-head in the Final 4 public vote, where she was shockingly eliminated with 53.5% of the votes.


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Post Big Brother[]

  • On February 12, 2021, it was announced that Giulia would be the presenter of the first season of Love Island Italia.



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