Yvonne Schaufler, more commonly known by stage name Ginger Costello Wollersheim was a housemate on Promi Big Brother 7.


Ginger Costello Wollersheim Biography

Ginger Costello Wollersheim is the new wife of Bert Wollersheim. Now she moves in to "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2019.
Name: Ginger Costello Wollersheim
Age: 33 years
Date of birth: 17 June 1986
Place of birth: Burgwedel in Lower Saxony
Star sign Gemini
Gender Female
Ginger Costello Wollersheim was born in Burgwedel, Lower Saxony. She grew up with her grandparents, but left home early. She is a former stripper and a former webcam girl.
Her voice is so special that she has nicknamed her "Quietschi". But Ginger wants to come out big as a pop singer - in Mallorca she is already known. In 2019 the Schlagersterchen released his song "Pineapple Juice".
Wedding with Bert Wollersheim after only three months
Since October 2018, Ginger Costello Wollersheim has been the new wife of the former red-light legend Bert Wollersheim. The two have known each other since 2017 but did not become a couple until the following year. After just three months of relationship, they got married in Denmark.
For him, she has even quit her job as a webcam girl and now spends a lot of time in Germany. Before she met Bert, she lived for a long time on Mallorca and in Austria. The two want a child. Ginger Costello Wollersheim wants to quit smoking for her baby wish - a big challenge because she is a heavy smoker.
Beauty surgeries for the perfect breasts
As a former stripper Ginger Costello Wollersheim knows how to put her body in scene. It does not only adorn itself with many tattoos. For her appearance she has already put under the knife. Her wife Bert Wollersheim's wife had her breasts operated not once but three times.
Private insights on Instagram
In her Instagram account, the "Celebrity Big Brother" resident shows exclusive insights from her life, holiday snapshots, pictures of her two dogs, her beauty program and even her bare skin.[1]

Player's History - Promi Big Brother 7

Duel Arena History

Day 3 Live Duel Win
Day 4 Live Duel Win
Day 5 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 6 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 7 Live Duel Loss
Day 8 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 10 Live Duel #1 Ineligible
Live Duel #2 Ineligible
Day 11 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 12 Live Duel Loss
Day 13 Live Duel Win

Nomination History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
10 Lilo von Kiesenwetter
11 Zlatko Trpkovski
12 Almklausi Meier
13 Lilo von Kiesenwetter Lilo von Kiesenwetter
Sylvia Leifheit

Post Big Brother



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