Gina Beckmann is a housemate on Big Brother Germany 13.


Gina Beckmann Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Sat. 1
"I'm probably the youngest in the house, but: Who underestimates me has already made the first mistake."
Young, blonde, shrill and cute. That describes Gina best. She presents herself very confidently for her age, but behind her sexy facade, which may make one or two men's hearts beat faster, there is a certain amount of uncertainty.
Especially with regard to their love life, not everything is so clear. At the moment Gina is bisexual, she quickly falls in love with both sexes, but she has not yet found the right definition of "love" for herself.
From February 10, 2020, we will see how the young woman copes with "Big Brother" and whether the other residents want to get her down to earth.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Germany 13

Match Arena

Week 1 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 2 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 4 Live Duel Loss
Week 5 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 6 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 8 Live Duel Loss
Week 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 10 Live Duel

House History

Week 1 Glass House
Glass House
Week 2 Glass House
Week 3 Glass House
Week 4 Glass House
Week 5 Glass House
Week 6 Glass House
Week 7 Block House
Week 8 Block House
Week 9 Glass House
Week 10

Budget History

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Luxury Budget
Week 3 Luxury Budget
Week 4 Basic Rations
Week 5 Luxury Budget
Week 6 Luxury Budget
Week 7 Basic Rations
Week 8 Luxury Budget
Week 9 Luxury Budget
Week 10

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Mac Troy
No Nominations Nominated
4 Cedric Beidinger Denny Heidrich
Week Position Voted For With Majority?
5 Nominated René Carl Yes
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
7 Romana Romana
8 Romana Romana


  1. Gina (in German) (8 February 2020). Retrieved on 8 February 2020.


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