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George Askew was a houseguest on Big Brother 7 (UK).


George Askew Biography
Retrieved from Channel 4

Posh George is a self-confessed mummy's boy with royal connections. His life of privilege sees him spending most of his time around Chelsea, but he hopes to broaden his mind during his time in the House. He describes himself as stubborn, posh and comical.

Personal Data
Age: 19
Home: London
Job: Student
Starsign: Not known

Film: Not known
TV Show: Not known
Book: Not known
Food: Not known

He says:
My perfect day would be driving a fast car.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 7 (UK)[]

George was very popular inside of the Big Brother house and got along with everyone. In Week 1, he was selected to enter "The Big Brotherhood" by his housemates saving him from the first eviction. However, shortly after the eviction, George weighed the decision to remain inside of the house due to the effects to when he would get out. Even though he love everything about the Big Brother experience, he wanted to go back to his normal life and not experience any of the fame and fortune that most of the previous season's housemates had experienced. George believed that as long as he got out early, the public would forget about him. Even though Grace Adams-Short had begged him to stay for multiple days, George was permitted to walk on Day 13.

Task History[]

Week 1 Immunity Win
Daily Task Passed
Daily Challenge Ineligible
Week 2 Shopping Task Partially Passed

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 In Big Brotherhood
2 Ineligible

Post Big Brother[]



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