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Gemma Kinghorn was a housemate in Big Brother Australia 11.

She was dubbed as The Fiery Redhead due to her ginger hair.

Gemma was paired up with Jake Richardson and was the second pair of housemates to enter the Big Brother House.


Retrieved from Channel 9
The Fiery Redhead of Perth

29-year-old Gemma from Perth is larger than life in more ways than one! At six-foot-six, she's a natural at netball, and claims she uses her natural assertiveness to get people back on their feet in her role as an orthopedic nurse. But don’t be fooled: Gemma’s a compassionate soul who wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves nothing more than a night in with her long-term boyfriend (although their current status is 'it's complicated') and BFF cat.

Gemma confesses she’s pretty messy and can’t abide anally retentive folk, so she’s sure to clash with some of the self-confessed clean freaks.

She loves to get her own way and is extremely competitive, using persistence and hard work – or her natural bossiness – to get her way. Sure to ruffle feathers with her flair for drama and gossip, she’ll have to use her quick wit to smooth things over!

On standing head and shoulders above the rest: I was always at the back in the middle in all my school photos because I’m the tallest. They taper it down from there. I was always desperate – you know when you were at school, in the front line with hands on your lap, cute and adorable? I never got that.

Now that I’m older I’ve embraced it and I’m quite happy with how I look – the fact that I’m different. And it makes me special and it gives me an opener into conversations.

I have this line I say: ‘I’m like a normal human only taller.’

On being a bossypants: There's nothing wrong with being bossy. It isn't a dirty word; it's a good trait to have. It’s not all negative – I’d call it more assertive. I get people to do things. It's easy for me to get people to do things because I’m nice as well, but some people can find me a bit intimidating.

On honing her motivational skills at work: People have to get up after surgery, so I’m quite direct in the way I tell them that they have to get up. And even if they’ve got pain I say, ‘You don’t have to like me – you still have to do what I say.’ So we get them up. Most of the time, people thank me once I’ve made them do what they don’t want to do. I say, ‘If you try, I’m happy. If I don’t think you're trying, I’m not happy.’

On getting her own way: ‘Me first, then you’ is the way I work. You do my thing, then we'll try your thing, and it won’t be as good as my thing so we'll continue doing my thing.

On what people should understand about her: I am this big, confident, assertive girl but I have feelings, and if you yell at me I will get my feelings hurt. But I’m really good at processing those feelings as well, so I’ll go have a cry because I’ve been yelled at – not because you've hurt my feelings.

On being given the silent treatment: I will follow you around the house until you have got my point. You will understand my point even if I have to yell it at the back of your head. I can't handle cold shoulder –- it makes me angry.

On interrupting people when they talk: I find it really hard, if I’m passionate about something, to pull back. So I talk over people a lot and interrupt and finish people's sentences, and they hate that. I’ll cut you off and talk louder than you to get my point across.

On being bullied at school: Now I will not stand for bullying. I’ll stick up for the little guy – and everyone to me is little – so I’ll stick up for anyone if they need sticking up for. Because no one stuck up for me.

I don’t tolerate people making other people feel small.


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2 1 David Hodis &
Sandra Nixon
4 Cat Law &
Travis Lunardi

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Week 1 Ineligible
Week 2 Loss
Week 3 Loss

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