Garth Saville was a housemate on Big Brother Australia 12.


Garth Saville Biography

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Fab, fun and a little naughty, Garth is setting out on his Big Brother adventure to prove to himself and Australia that you can still play hard at 50.
A director of a recruitment agency, Garth will draw on his experience with reading people to get to know the Housemates. He likes to think he’ll stick to a competitive strategy but is more likely to get socially excited and forget about the game altogether!
Garth is a born showman. He loves attention and he loves to gossip but acknowledges this could be his downfall, so he’ll have to gossip with the right people so nobody thinks he’s a bitch. He is expecting to standout with his loud personality and even louder dress sense and isn’t afraid to share his opinion.
Garth can think on his feet and is adaptable to any situation, but won’t appreciate Housemates who try to take over, can’t communicate or take things too seriously. All fun aside though, Garth will do whatever it takes to win, even if that means lie or deceive.
Kind-hearted Garth came out when he was 30. He, and his partner of seven years, Gavin, became foster parents later in life. Garth says being a dad is his proudest achievement and has given him so much purpose.
If he were to win Big Brother, Garth would buy an investment property. [2]

Player History - Big Brother Australia 12

Competition/Task History

Week 1 Secret Mission Not in House
Nomination Challenge
Secret Mission Passed
Nomination Challenge Win
Shopping Task Earned $150
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 2 Reward Task Passed
Nomination Challenge Loss
Reward Task Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $190
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 3 Reward Task Passed
Nomination Challenge Loss
Nomination Challenge Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Not in House
SooBong Hwang Yes
2 Talia Rycroft Yes
Nominated Danni Keogh (x2) Yes
Angela Clancy Yes
3 Ian Joass Yes
Nominated Daniel Gorringe No

Nominator History

Nominees Evicted
Day 5

Post Big Brother



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