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The Freakazoids
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 18
Members Nicole Franzel
Corey Brooks
Glenn Garcia
Tiffany Rousso
Votes Against 15
HoH Wins 4 (Week 1, Day 58, Weeks 10 & 12)
9 (Weeks 2, 3, 4,
8, 9, Days 90 & 99)
Veto Wins 5 (Week 4, Day 58, Weeks 10, 11 & 12)
Lowest Placing Member Glenn Garcia
Highest Placing Member Nicole Franzel (1/16)

The Freakazoids are one of the four teams apart of the team twist introduced on Big Brother 18. The four members are Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, Glenn Garcia, and Tiffany Rousso. After losing the first two parts of the Hit The Road competition on Days 1 & 2, the four had to compete against each other in a sudden death competition. Glenn then became the first houseguest evicted in a very close call between him and Corey. Collectively, the remaining members of the team chose Nicole to become the first HoH of the season.


Corey Brooks
Glenn Garcia
Nicole Franzel
Tiffany Rousso


  • This team has the lowest-ranking and highest-ranking competitors from Big Brother 18.
  • All four members left the house differently:
    • Glenn was evicted via losing the Hit The Road competition.
    • Tiffany was evicted normally, nominated by the HoH and evicted by the house.
    • Corey was evicted by the sole vote of James Huling and became a part of the jury.
    • Nicole won the season, thus left the house after the jury vote had been revealed.
  • This team has the fewest jurors, with Corey being the only one on the jury.