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Franzen Fajardo was a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother 1.

He was the second housemate to be ejected from the Pinoy Big Brother House.

Filipino audiences, specifically the lower-class population, supported Franzen because of his comedic and emotional nature. He was considered the underdog housemate, especially during his first month inside the house. He is also known for habitually picking his nose at all times and playing strip games with Jason Gainza inside the House.

Franzen had violated numerous house rules, but despite automatic nominations, popular vote had kept him in the House. His mouthing of words (lip-synching) became the last straw. After much deliberation, Endemol decided on Day 86 (November 15, 2005) that Franzen should be evicted.

However, in lieu of this, Cassandra Ponti (who somehow understood Franzen's "words") made up her mind to voluntarily exit from the house in exchange of his retention. Big Brother valued this and decided to let the public choose whether Franzen should stay or leave. The next day, however, voting was stopped and Franzen's automatic eviction was finalized after Franzen violated the rules again by telling Jason Gainza what happened in the confession room.


Franzen is a 23 year old who grew up in a lower-class family in Sampaloc, City of Manila. Poverty drove Franzen to take on a job when he was still in high school. He took a job as a salesman in various boutiques as well as other odd jobs. His parents, Franzen explained, needed the money to pay for their mounting debts.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother 1[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 Racquel Reyes
Uma Khouny
Cassandra Ponti
Jenny Suico
Racquel Reyes
4 JB Magsaysay
Uma Khouny
Jenny Suico
Chx Alcala
5 Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
Chx Alcala -
6 No Nominations
7 Sam Milby
Cassandra Ponti
- Nominated
Automatic Nomination
8 Sam Milby
Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
Jenny Suico
9 Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
- Nominated
Automatic Nomination
10 Forcibly Evicted
  • Note: He was automatically nominated by Big Brother for numerous violations of house rules and for his "disrespectful behavior" when dealing with Big Brother.
  • Note: He got his second automatic nomination for his rampant violation of house rules including writing a letter for his friend Jason, who was then nominated for eviction.


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