A Foreign Big Brother House is an international twist that appeared in various seasons of Big Brother. It is where the housemates will be living in a foreign Big Brother house for the whole season or for a specific period of time. It first appeared in Big Brother V.I.P (Denmark) when it used Big Brother Norway house.

The Twist

Unlike the usual Big Brother seasons, this twist brings one season to another country, where in they will be using another Big Brother House from another Big Brother franchise, with housemates flying from their home country to the foreign Big Brother house where they will be living over the course of the twist or the entire series.

Usually, the foreign houses used in some seasons were specially decorated with various cultural decor representing the country where it was located.

List of Season Appearances

List of Big Brother Housemate Exchanges
Season House Used Length
Denmark Flag
Big Brother V.I.P 1(Denmark)
Norway Flag
Big Brother Norge House
Throughout the Series
Ecuador Flag
Gran Hermano Ecuador 1
Argentina Flag
Gran Hermano Argentina House
Throughout the Series
Pacific Region Flag
Gran Hermano del Pacífico 1
Colombia Flag
Gran Hermano Colombia House
Throughout the Series
Netherlands Flag
Secret Story Netherlands 1
Portugal Flag
Secret Story Portugal House
Throughout the Series
Croatia Flag
Big Brother Croatia 5
Thailand Flag
Big Brother Thailand House
Throughout the Series
Norway Flag
Big Brother Norge 4
Sweden Flag
Big Brother Sverige House
Throughout the Series
China Flag
Big Brother China: Pilot Season
India Flag
Big Brother Kannada House
Throughout the Series
Philippines Flag
Pinoy Big Brother 7
Vietnam Flag
Big Brother Vietnam House
First Three Weeks


  • Most of the seasons that featured this twist were pre-recorded.
  • Some seasons that featured this twist were pilot seasons of Big Brother that tested the reality show in a foreign country's Big Brother house before creating their own house.
  • Being in a foreign house, some seasons have made the housemates adapt to the foreign country's etiquette as well, such as in Pinoy Big Brother 7 when the Celebrity Housemates had to use chopsticks when eating and not to use any footwear when inside the house.
  • Aside from the housemates adapting to their foreign Big Brother house, it is also a challenge for the Big Brother production team on how to adapt to their foreign workplace and socialize with their foreign counterparts as language barrier may be a possibility.[1]


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