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The Forced Power of Veto, also known as the Spotlight Veto, is a variation of the Power of Veto.


The Forced Power of Veto was first introduced in Big Brother Canada 3, as a choice for the Veto Power Vote during Week 4. Had it been chosen by Canada, the Veto winner would have been forced to use it on one of the nominees, forcing the HOH to name a replacement, as well.

It reappeared during Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US) as another fan vote option, but with a new name to match the Celebrity theme, "Spotlight Veto". Once again, it wasn't chosen by the public vote.

It reappeared again on both Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 1 and Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 3, during Week 6, with the name "Red Veto" to match the theme of the "Red Week". The winner had to veto one of the nominees, and the Head of Household would name the replacement.



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