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The Food Competition was a weekly competition that the houseguests compete in to determine who would be able to eat which foods. This was used from Big Brother 2 until Big Brother 10. From Big Brother 2 through Big Brother 6, the HouseGuests who lost the food competition would only be allowed to eat peanut butter and jelly. In Big Brother All Stars, slop replaced peanut butter and jelly as the punishment food. In Big Brother 11, the food competition was replaced with the Have/Have-Not Competition. The Head of Household would have automatic food privileges.

The Head of Household would usually host the food competition. HouseGuests would either compete as individuals or teams, or work together to accomplish a task. In some cases, the goal of the competition was to win as many foods or types of foods as possible.


  • The Food Competition was actually derived from the Weekly Task, a very important Task to win in order for housemates to get the house's budget for their weekly supplies. If failed, the housemates will be forced to ration the staple foods and should last for the whole week.

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