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Fembots Alliance
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 3
Members Sarah Hanlon
Brittnee Blair
Naeha Sareen
Votes Against 12
HoH Wins 5
Veto Wins 1
Lowest Placing Member Naeha Sareen (15/16)
Highest Placing Member Sarah Hanlon (1/16)


Brittnee Blair
Naeha Sareen
Sarah Hanlon


This alliance was formed on Night 1 between Sarah, Brittnee and Naeha.

Overall Game[]

Naeha was quickly evicted in an instant eviction in Week 3, the remaining two Fembots, Sarah and Brittnee, went on to, against all odds, make it to the final 4. Brittnee was evicted under Sarah's Head of Household reign by the sole vote of Ashleigh Wood. Sarah went on to win Big Brother Canada 3 in a vote of 7-2.


In Week 3 during Kevin Martin's short reign as Head of Household, Naeha flipped the house to keep her. The houeguests would later find out that nominations had already been made, and, sitting against her ally Brittnee during an instant eviction, Naeha went home in a vote of 9-2.

Still during Week 3, after the instant eviction, Brittnee and Sarah won the competition "Switching Gears", they decided together which would be Head of Household, choosing Brittnee. Brittnee went on to effectively backdoor Graig Merritt.

Week 5 Brittnee and Sarah joined forces with return evictee, Sindy Nguyen, creating the SSB Alliance. They flipped the house and sent Jordan Parhar to jury by a vote of 5-4.

In Week 7 Brittnee once again won Head of Household, this time during the second half of a Triple Eviction. Brittnee was made to nominate 3 houseguests, 2 going home, and unable was to play for veto. The original plan was to have Zach Oleynikand Kevin leave, after Zach was vetoed Kevin and Willow MacDonald were sent to jury.

In Week 8 Sarah was nominated for eviction but won veto, removing herself from the block. Unfortunately Brittnee was put up in her place, then, at their very lowest, Sarah and Brittnee were given the chance, by Canada, to compete for a super power. Brittnee won this power and it forced her to, on eviction night, remove one or more of Head of Household Ashleigh's nominees and replace them with her own. Brittnee took herself and Godfrey Mangwiza off the block and put Zach and Bruno Ielo up in their place, sending Bruno home by a vote of 4-0.

In Week 9 Sarah won Head of Household, she put the showmance, Ashleigh and Zach on the block. Zach was evicted 3-0. After this eviction it was announced that this week was a Double Eviction, Brittnee won and after nominated the last Diaper's, Ashleigh and Pilar, Pilar was sent home in a tie breaker vote.

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