Fanny Rodrigues was a housemate on Secret Story Portugal 2 and later appeared on Secret Story: Desafio Final 1, Big Brother VIP Portugal 3, Secret Story France 10 & Secret Story: O Reencontro.


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Fanny is 26 years old and participated in the second edition of House of Secrets and has become one of the most well-known competitors in reality shows. In 2012, he released a song with Canuco Zumby, called "Loca Vida" which became a hit with YouTube previews. In 2013, she participated in Final Challenge 1 in addition to being a guest and competitor of the Big Brother VIP. He became a reporter and commentator for the 4th edition of Casa dos Segredos, maintaining this role until March 2015. In August 2016, he entered as a competitor in the 10th edition of the French House of Secrets with the secret "I participated twice in the Secret Story. " During her stay on the French reality show, she announced that she was pregnant. She is currently a mom, blogger, and recently opened a clothing store.

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