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Eviction Competition, also called a Do or Die Challenge, is an elimination challenge for the nominated housemates that determines who will be evicted.


In Pinoy Big Brother 7, the competition held via Ligtask, is a main weekly format for eviction in the season until each edition is down to the Lucky 7 Housemates. The Pre-Lucky 7 Nominees will compete in a themed Ligtask Challenges every week, who ever loses will be evicted. Once the house is only down to its final seven housemates, the eviction competition will be replaced by the public voting and the Ligtask will turn back to its original veto process.

It reappeared as a special eviction process in Pinoy Big Brother 8 on first part's 8th Week.

In Big Brother (U.S.), the competition is a recurring type of eviction process, held via Hit The Road.


7 via Ligtask Challenge
Chapter Week Ligtask Saved Nominees Evicted
Celebrity Week 2 Vietnamese Exotic Dishes Jinri Park
Juan Karlos Labajo
Yassi Pressman
Hideo Muraoka Eviction Cancelled
Teen Week 7 Gate Maze Christian Morones
Kisses Delavin
Aizan Perez
Week 8 Rubiks' Cube Tower Christian Morones
Heaven Peralejo
Kristine Hammond
Rita Gaviola
Week 9 Find the Pairs Christian Morones
Heaven Peralejo
Kisses Delavin
Marco Gallo
Fenech Veloso
Week 10 Ligtask Cancelled Christian Morones
Kisses Delavin
Heaven Peralejo
Week 11 Big Brother Hotel Items Christian Morones
Vivoree Esclito
Kristine Hammond
Adult Week 20 Obstacle Rescuers Cora Waddell
Luis Hontiveros
Wil Dasovich
Thuy Nguyen
Week 22 Rubiks' Patterns Cora Waddell
Luis Hontiveros
Wil Dasovich
Ali Forbes
Jesi Corcuera
8 Batch 1: Teen Week 8 Water Tower & Tangram Karina Bautista
Seth Fedelin
Rhys Eugenio

United States[]

For more information about the American version of the competition, check out the Hit The Road page.

18 via Hit the Road Challenge
Week Saved Nominees Evicted
Week 1 Nicole Franzel
Corey Brooks
Tiffany Rousso
Glenn Garcia
Over the Top Week 9 Morgan Willett Justin Duncan



3 Week Saved Nominees Evicted
Week 4 Korine Côté Martin Larocque


  • Christian Morones had been nominated throughout Pinoy Big Brother 7's Teen Edition for five consecutive weeks yet he survived all the eviction competitions held throughout the chapter.
  • Hideo Muraoka was supposed to be the first housemate to be evicted via Eviction Competition in the history of Pinoy Big Brother, however, his fellow housemate, Chacha decided to voluntarily exit the house, thus saving him from getting evicted.
  • In Big Brother 19 (US), the first set of nominees were given two choices for their eviction, either having the usual Eviction Voting or having an Eviction Competition. However, it end up having the usual Houseguests voting instead of a competition.

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