Eviction is the weekly process of a houseguest leaving the Big Brother House.

North American Process


Julie communicating with Rachel, who casts her vote to evict in secret in the Diary Room

During the Live Eviction episode, the two nominees are given a chance to make their final pleas. After each nominee has spoken, the remaining houseguests head one at a time to the Diary Room to cast their vote to evict. The voting houseguests communicate to Julie Chen (or Arisa Cox) without the others hearing their vote. The Head of Household and the two nominees (or three nominees as with the MVP twist in Big Brother 15 and the Roadkill twist in Big Brother 18) are ineligible to vote. However, in the case of a tie, the Head of Household casts the determining vote to evict. After the votes are in, Julie (or Arisa) reports the results of the vote to the houseguests, telling them the number of votes cast in favor of each nominee. At that moment, the evicted houseguest has one minute to collect his or her bags, say good-byes, and walk out the front door, where they have an interview with the host before returning either to the real world or the Jury House. Evicted houseguests normally get to view a good-bye tape with messages from their fellow houseguests.


Following a houseguest's eviction, his or her photograph on the Memory Wall turns black and white. Normally, evicted houseguests are permanently out of the game, but on rare occasions they may return by a vote (by America/Canada or by their fellow housemates) or a competition. This can be viewed on the Previously Evicted Contestant page.

Other instances of short-term returns include Jase Wirey returning in a Grim Reaper costume in Big Brother All-Stars (US), Jessie Godderz returning in a gorilla costume in Big Brother 10 (US), Casey Turner returning to host the OTEV Power of Veto competition in Big Brother 11 (US) (although he had no direct contact with the houseguests, communicating the rules of the game through the PA system), and Rachel Reilly returning for 24 hours as a result of Pandora's Box in Big Brother 12 (US). During Week 12 of Big Brother 16 (US), the jury members - Jocasta Odom, Hayden Voss, Zach Rance, Donny Thompson, Nicole Franzel and Christine Brecht returned to the house to compete in a Luxury Competition with the remaining houseguests betting on which would win. Hayden won, granting himself and Victoria Rafaeli $5,000 each. 

International Process

Public Voting


Week 11 Eviction Night of Big Brother Australia 9 showing the total percentage of public's save votes.

This process is actually the most used internationally, where housemates nominate between themselves and the ones with the most votes are nominated for a public vote that will determine who will be evicted. The voting is usually a week long process, where nominations starting the week and evictions ending the week. The voting opens after the nominations take place, however before the voting lines are opened, the nominees are given few minutes to make pleas on why they deserve to stay.

Depending on the format of the season, the viewers can vote in two ways; either the public votes to evict (with the housemate with the most votes being evicted) or votes to save (with the housemate with the fewest votes being evicted).

In Big Brother 1 (U.S.) the eviction process was different to that of the following American seasons and followed the international format of Eviction. Instead, a "banishment" happened every two weeks, with all of the houseguests voting on who the nominees would be. America would then decide who would be evicted.

Other Processes

Eviction Competition


1st Eviction results of the Civilian Chapter in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7.

In Pinoy Big Brother 7, a new format of Weekly Eviction was introduced, an Eviction Competition through the series' Ligtask Challenge. Instead of a voting system, the nominees will compete in an eviction challenge every week wherein they must avoid falling in last place. Who ever performed poorly will be the one evicted. It was used as the season's main eviction format until the house was down to seven. When only seven houseguests remained, it will only be the time that the public voting will replace the eviction competition. This format was used in all three parts of the four-part season.

Hit The Road in Big Brother (U.S.) is considered a variant of an eviction competition, but it was used only as a one-time twist per season, not a main format for evicting contestants.

Eviction Twists

In some cases, eviction processes are affected by twists.

  • Fake Eviction: A houseguest is evicted but isn't actually out of the game. Instead, the fake evicted houseguest is usually sent in a secret location in relation to a bigger twist.
  • Double Eviction: Two houseguests are evicted in one day, or within the same week.
  • Triple Eviction: Three houseguests are evicted in one day or within the same week.
  • Mass Eviction: Four or more houseguests are evicted in one day or within the same week.



  • Martin Jonkman from Big Brother 1 (Netherlands) is the first-ever housemate to get evicted in the entire series of Big Brother.
  • Big Brother 1 (US) is the only season in Big Brother history that didn't use the term "eviction" or "evicted", instead they used "banishment" or "banished".
  • Big Brother 2 (US) is the first season to adopt the North American format where contestants evict each other, taking the eviction power away from the viewers.

Big Brother (U.S./Canada)

Ways of Leaving
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