Eric Stein was a houseguest on Big Brother 8.

Eric is best known for his showmance with Jessica Hughbanks, as well as for being the first ever America's Player. Eric would attempt to complete a series of tasks given to him by poll votes from viewers, where he would be rewarded $10,000 for every 5 tasks completed. Eric was ultimately evicted during the second half of the Double Eviction by a vote of 2-0 placing 5th and becoming the fifth jury member. America's Player continued to be in effect long after Eric's eviction. America voted for which contestant in the Final Two Eric could campaign for and vote to win, ultimately voting for Dick Donato. Eric completed 20 of the 28 tasks he was given throughout the game, earning a grand total of $40,000.


Eric Scott Stein (born January 25, 1980) is a talent management assistant from New York, New York. He grew up in Yorktown Heights, New York and attended Boston University. He has a sun tattoo on his back and both nipples pierced.

Player History - Big Brother 8

Competition History

Week 1 HOH Not Chosen
Food Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 2 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 3 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 4 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 5 HOH Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 6 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 7 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 8 HOH Loss
Luxury Loss
Week 9 HOH Loss
POV Loss
HOH Loss
POV Loss

Food History

Week 1 Slop
Week 2 Food
Week 3 Food
Week 4 Food
Week 5 Food
Week 6 Food
Week 7 Food
Week 8 Food Competition Phase Over
Week 9

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Carol Journey Yes
2 Joe Barber Yes
3 Kail Harbick No
4 Kail Harbick No
5 Post-POV Nominee
6 Dustin Erikstrup Yes
7 Jen Johnson Yes
8 POV Holder Amber Siyavus Yes
9 Jameka Cameron No
Finale Jury Member Dick Donato Yes
  • Note: As he was America's Player, the public controlled Eric's votes, including his Jury vote.

Post Big Brother


  • Eric sat out of seven consecutive Power of Veto competitions, the second most out of any houseguest, before being surpassed by Nicole Anthony in Big Brother 21 (US).
    • The first time he was selected to play in a POV competition, he won his only Veto of the season. He is the only person to never have their name drawn for POV until the final drawing.
  • Some of Eric's tasks were controversial and often put Eric at risk of eviction. For example, when Eric won the Power of Veto he wished to use it to backdoor one of the Donatos. Eric was not allowed to use the Veto because he was told there was not enough time to determine whether the public would vote for him to use it or not.
  • Eric is currently the first of only two houseguests to survive a backdoor.
    • The second houseguest is Nicole Anthony who survived a backdoor as the target Week 3 of Big Brother 21 (US).
  • Eric is the only male juror of Big Brother 8 to win a POV, but not an HOH.


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