Enrico Contarin is the runner-up of Grande Fratello 16.

Well received by the public from the beginning, Contarin was considered the comic relief of the season, included in numerous funny sketches and tasks throughout his journey in the House. He was also appreciated for being one of the very few contestants to take a side against Francesca De Andrè and to vote accordingly, unlike other contestants who would criticize her behavior during the Week but that would never put her up for eviction (especially Michael Terlizzi).

In the second half of the season, Enrico was often nominated by the other houseguests for his lack of social game and inclusion in the main events of the House; thanks to his fan-favorite status, he was able to survive all the public votes he had to face and managed to be one of the final two contestants standing, ultimately losing to winner Martina Nasoni.


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Date of birth: 5 August 1992
City: Montebelluna (TV)
Born entertainer, with an exuberant and instinctive character, Enrico lives in Bassano del Grappa, where he works in family leather shops.
He composes funny poems inspired by the facts of life. He is single at the moment, but is always looking for a "girlfriend".
He sees in GF a personal revenge against those who do not believe in him, especially his father.[1]

Player's History - Grande Fratello VIP 3

Nominations History

Week Position Voted For With Majority?
1 Angela Losito Yes
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 No Nominations
2 Michael Terlizzi Gennaro Lillio
Michael Terlizzi
3 Michael Terlizzi Michael Terlizzi
4 Exempt
5 Martina Nasoni
Mila Suarez
Mila Suarez
Serena Rutelli
6 Gaetano Arena
Serena Rutelli
Martina Nasoni
7 Francesca De Andrè
Martina Nasoni
Francesca De Andrè
Gennaro Lillio
8 Ineligible
Gennaro Lillio Nominated
Francesca De Andrè
Michael Terlizzi
Daniele Dal Moro
Francesca De Andrè
Michael Terlizzi
Michael Terlizzi Gianmarco Onestini Nominated
No Nominations
9 No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Final Two
No Nominations Runner-Up

Post Big Brother



  1. Enrico (in Italian) (8 April 2019).
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