Emilia “Emanuela” Tsvetkova is a contestant on VIP Brother 8 (Bulgaria) & Big Brother Bulgaria All-Stars 6.


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Born city: Sofia
Education: secondary
Age: The woman is as old as she seems
Zodiac: Scorpio
Marital status: divorced
Profession: singer
Harmful habits: I smoke, I drink coffee and fall in love with inappropriate men
Hobbies and Interests: My children and singing
Describe yourself in a few words: Naive, too trusting and easy to fall in love
The best words they said about you: They say good things about me all the time!
What are you proud of: My children and my profession
The three things you can not live with in the House: I have no object of belonging
Emanuela does not understand why they constantly comment on it: "Maybe envious people can not accept a woman who does things herself." The first cast was full of very good emotions until she entered the House. It annoys her stupidity and the limitations of people. He hates people who live as a packet led by someone. She's ready to take revenge, if necessary, and ten tenths! She hopes to have more cool people because her previous season has been surrounded by a generation that is already outdated. [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 8 (Bulgaria)

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position

Player's History - Big Brother Bulgaria All-Stars 6

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Stoyan Royanov
Vesela Neynski
2 Stoyan Royanov
Vesela Neynski
Blagoy Georgiev & Zlatka Raykova
Stefan Ivanov
Stoyan Royanov
Tsvetan Andreev
Vesela Neynski
3 Blagoy Georgiev & Zlatka Raykova
Tsvetan Andreev
Dzhuliana Gani

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