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Elizabeth Woodcock was a housemate in Big Brother 2 (UK).


Elizabeth Woodcock, born in 1974, was a website designer from Cumbria. Elizabeth loves avocados but hates smoking. Her favorite movies include Easy Rider and Dangerous Liaisons. Elizabeth has stated she adores animals and said she would miss her dog Billy while she's in the house. Elizabeth is a horse fanatic who has worked with MAFF on the relocation of animals from foot and mouth-infected areas. She stated she wanted to enter the house to see "how she would react."

Player's History - Big Brother UK 2001[]

Task History[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Penny Ellis
Helen Adams
Brian Dowling
3 Paul Clarke
Stuart Hosking
4 Narinder Kaur
Paul Clarke
5 Paul Clarke
Brian Dowling
6 Paul Clarke
Helen Adams
Paul Clarke
7 Paul Clarke
Helen Adams
8 Paul Clarke
Helen Adams
Helen Adams
Paul Clarke
9 No Nominations Nominated

Post Big Brother[]


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