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Elisse Joson was a Celebrity Housemate in Pinoy Big Brother 7 who went on to become part of the Dream Team.

She was dubbed as The Hugot Babe of Mandaluyong due to her viral commercial ad which gave a "hugot" feels that most viewers related to. The word "hugot" is a Filipino word for "taking deeply from within". It doesn't have exact English Translation but it was used as a slang for something like "throwing shade made by heartbroken people" or a "pick-up line by heartbroken people to their lovelife".

Throughout the series, she was linked in a romantic relationship with her fellow housemate McCoy DeLeon. In which a loveteam was formed and called by their fans as McLisse.

On Week 27, she was chosen as a Celebrity Wildcard Housemate to compete against Yassi in order to secure the 4th Lucky Spot in the Dream Team. Elisse originally lost the competition, however due to conflicts of Yassi's work schedule, Yassi opted for a voluntary exit and decided to give up her spot to Elisse instead, making Elisse part of the Lucky Stars in the Dream Team.

On Week 34, the last nominations and eviction had a twist, it was a "Back-to-back Nominations and Eviction", aside from that, it was also a Positive Nominations which means the housemates nominated for who they think should stay. Elisse was one of the nominees after not getting any nomination points from the housemates, and 7 minutes after she got nominated, it was declared that she got the least number of votes, making her the last evictee of the season leaving only 6 days before the Big Night finale.

After she welcomed to the stage, Toni Gonzaga asked her for her Big Winner, she said Maymay Entrata was her pick for the title of Big Winner.


Elisse Joson was born in San Andres, Bataan, Philippines. She is the only daughter of Christine Joson-Diuco, an anesthesiologist and a single mother.

Elisse began in the local entertainment industry at the age of 16. In 2013, she became a familiar face as she appeared in various shows and dramas as a supporting actress, such as Cheska in the daytime television series "Be Careful With My Heart".

Her biggest break in the entertainment industry was her McDonald's Philippines TV ad in 2016. The fast food chain's campaign entitled, "Tuloy Pa Rin," promoted the concept of welcoming change and moving forward after a heartbreak to ultimately become a stronger and more independent individual. Due to its relatable "hugot" appeal, the ad went viral worldwide. It currently holds almost 2 million views on YouTube.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7[]

Celebrity History[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Lucky 7 Part 1 Win
Lucky 7 Part 2 Win
Lucky 7 Part 3 Win
Week 2 Lucky 7 Part 4 Win
Lucky 7 Part 5 Loss
Lucky 7 Part 6 Win
Week 3 Lucky 7 Part 7 Win
Week 4 No Tasks

Competition History[]

Week 1 No Competitions
Week 2 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Week 3 No Competitions
Week 4 Big Jump Part 1 Loss
Big Jump Part 2 Ineligible

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Hideo Muraoka
1-DJ Chacha
4 No Nominations Nominated

Dream Team History[]

Task History[]

Week 27 Weekly Task Win
Weekly Task Win
Week 28 Weekly Task Loss
Week 29 No Tasks
Week 30 Weekly Task Win
Week 31 No Tasks
Week 32 DTC - Part 1 Win
DTC - Part 2 Loss
Week 33 DTC - Part 3 Win
DTC - Part 4 Win
DTC - Part 5 Win
Week 34 No Tasks

Competition History[]

Week 27 Lucky Spot - Celebrities Loss
Lucky Spot - Teen Ineligible
Lucky Spot - Adults Ineligible
Week 28 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 29 No Competitions
Week 30 Ligtask Ineligible
Dream House - Part 1 Loss
Dream House - Part 2 Assisted
Dream House - Part 3 Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 31 Ligtask Win
Padaluck Loss
Week 32 No Competitions
Week 33 No Competitions
Week 34 No Competitions

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
28 2-Tanner Mata
1-Aura Azarcon
30 2-Tanner Mata
1-Cora Waddell
31 No Nominations Saved
32 2-Jinri Park
1-Tanner Mata
2-Cora Waddell
33 2-Tanner Mata
1-Yong Muhajil
34 +1-Tanner Mata
+1-Nikko Natividad & McCoy DeLeon


  • She became the last evictee of the series. She left the house 6 days before the Finale Night.
    • She placed 8th overall.
  • She was nominated and evicted on the same day, as a result of the Back-to-Back Nominations and Eviction Twist on Day 228.
    • The Nominations also turned out to be a Positive Nominations.
  • A loveteam was formed between Elisse and McCoy and was called by fans as McLisse.
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