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El Cuatro
El Cuatro3
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 16
Members Amber Borzotra
Joey Van Pelt
Nicole Franzel
Paola Shea
Defectors Amber Borzotra
Joey Van Pelt
Votes Against 32
HoH Wins 4
Veto Wins 0
Lowest Placing Member Joey Van Pelt (16/16)
Highest Placing Member Nicole Franzel (7/16)

El Cuatro was an all-female alliance in Big Brother 16. It was formed by the first four female houseguests to enter the house, Amber Borzotra, Joey Van Pelt, Nicole Franzel, and Paola Shea.


Amber Borzotra
Joey Van Pelt
Nicole Franzel
Paola Shea


Upon arriving in the house, the four females of the first group of eight decided to form an all-female alliance which they named El Cuatro. The members were Amber Borzotra, Joey Van Pelt, Nicole Franzel, and Paola Shea.


By the middle of week one, the alliance was going downhill. They were never seen working together and Amber left the group for the Bomb Squad. Head of Household Caleb Reynolds nominated Paola Shea as one of the nominees for eviction. When Donny Thompson won the Power of Veto, thus taking himself of the block, Joey Van Pelt was nominated in his place. She was evicted unanimously.


  • Nicole Franzel is the only member of the alliance to reach the jury phase in Big Brother 16. She is also the only player to have the opportunity to reenter the house and get a second chance at $500,000, in which she succeeded, re-entering the house.
  • This alliance could be considered as never active, due to no strategy ever being discussed, and no members ever working together, except for week 3 when Amber and Nicole worked with the rest of the house to evict Devin.
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