An ejection (or expulsion) is the removal of a Big Brother houseguest by means of production via the Diary Room, bypassing the typical eviction process. A houseguest is ejected when he or she has repeatedly broken critical rules or has jeopardized the safety of the other houseguests due to his or her behavior. A houseguest is usually warned for repeated unacceptable behaviors before being expelled.

In the U.S., houseguests who are expelled during the jury stage are not allowed on the jury, and their votes are determined by a poll. Expelled houseguests are ineligible to win the Fan Favorite Award and are banned from attending the finale.

In the Philippines, the term Forced Eviction is used. The housemates typically receive a "forced eviction" if they violated major house rules or received violation strikes three times.

List of Expelled HouseGuests



Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Warwick Capper Flashed at Kimberley Cooper during an argument.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
6 Ashley Cox Used inappropriate behavior towards Camilla Severi by 'turkey-slapping' her.
John Bric


Season Contestant Reason Removed
12 Daniel Echaniz Accused of raping Monique Amin.
16 Ana Paula Renault Displayed violent behavior towards Renan de Almeida.
17 Marcos Harter Displayed violent behavior towards Emilly Araújo.
19 Vanderson Brito Summoned to testify regarding allegations of abuse by an ex-girlfriend.
Hariany Almeida Displayed violent behavior towards Paula von Sperling.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
8 Jamar Lee Used threatening behavior towards Kyle Rozendal and Vanessa Clements during a house meeting.
Kyle Rozendal Displayed a pattern of disturbing behavior.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Krešo_Jengić Unknown
7 Aleksandar Neradin Violated his contract
Luka Rok Medunović Unknown
Ante Biuk Unknown


Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Ma'ayan Buzaglo Khudeda Repeated instances of aggressive and threatening behavior and no intention of stopping.
5 Ronnie Miley Used homophobic and racist language towards fellow houseguests Levana Gogman and Tahounia Rubel respectively.
Gili Miley Used aggressive and homophobic language towards Anat Tzaig.
9 Tomer Rotchild Violated the house rules.
10 Alon Volkovitski Violated the house rules.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Luana Spagnolo Failed to disclose that she previously won Miss Italy.
5 Guido Genovesi Audibly swore during a live show.
8 Mirko Sozio Used blasphemous language.
9 Federica Rosatelli Threw a glass at Gianluca Zito.
Paolo Mari Displayed threatening behavior.
10 Massimo Scattarella Used blasphemous language.
11 Massimo Scattarella
Matteo Casnici
Pietro Titone
Nathan Lelli
12 Daniel Mkongo
VIP 1 Clemente Russo Made homophobic and misogynistic statements.
Pamela Prati Violated the house rules.
VIP 2 Marco Predolin Used blasphemous language.
Gianluca Impastato
15 Baye Dia Used aggressive behavior towards Aída Nízar.
Luigi Favoloso Wore a shirt displaying an offensive statement.
VIP 4 Salvo Veneziano Made offensive statements.
Clizia Incorvaia Made unacceptable remarks towards Andrea Denver.
VIP5 Fausto Leali Made racist comments.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Kemen Ekerette Inappropriately touched TBoss Idowu.
3 K.Brule Brouillette Received three strikes.
Khloe Oluwabusayo
4 Symply Tacha Pulled Mercy Eke's hair during a heated argument.
5 Erica Nlewedim Disregarded the rules of the game and received three strikes.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
Season 1 Bob dela Cruz Failed to return within the 24-hour Rule after being sent to the Hospital.
Franzen Fajardo Rampant violation of the House Rules and disrespecting Big Brother.
Celebrity Edition 1 Mich Dulce Decided not to return within the 24-hour Rule after being sent to the Hospital.
Teen Edition 1 Bam Romana Committed numerous violations of house rules.
Season 2 Maricris Dizon Verbally threatened to stab Beatriz Saw with a knife after their heated confrontation.
Celebrity Edition 2 Baron Geisler Becoming drunk frequently, having constant offensive behavior even if sent to jail room.
Jon Avila Admitted that his remark had influenced other housemates on whom to nominate.
Double Up Kenny Santos Failed in their secret double twin task with JP & JM Lagumbay after JP walked.
Toffi Santos
JM Lagumbay Failed in his secret double twin task with Toffi & Kenny Santos after his twin, JP Lagumbay walked.
Yhel Punzalan Committed repeated violations of house rules.
Tom Mott Destroyed the wall in the Activity Area after having an intense meltdown.
Teen Clash 2010 Maichel Fideles Committed numerous violations of the house rules.
Eslove Briones Pointed a knife at Tricia Santos while joking around.
Shey Bustamante Committed numerous violations of the house rules.
Angelo Pasco Failed to return within the 24-hour Rule after being sent to the Hospital.
Jenny Kim Failed to be saved by her fellow housemates on time after she and Fretzie Bercede were kidnapped by Madame X.
Unlimited RJ Padilla A power stranger who entered on Day 15. He was forcibly evicted on Day 21 after Pamu saw him sleeping with his mask off and Lordwin and Unad took a picture of him without the mask.
Reg Pineda Committed numerous violations of the house rules.
Mark Luz Committed numerous violations of the house rules.
Kim de Guzman She was forcibly evicted on Day 71 because of chronic despondence over her stay since Mark left.
Jessica Connelly Committed numerous violations of the house rules
Deniesse Joaquin Committed numerous violations of the house rules.
All In Cess Visitacion Committed numerous violations of the house rules.
Season 8 Emjay Savilla Had to go to the hospital numerous times due to a UTI.
Banjo Dangalan Made inappropriate rape jokes towards the other housemates.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Piotr Lato Violated the house rules.
2 Ireneusz Grzegorczyk Violated the house rules.
3 Karolina Pikiewicz Violated the house rules.
Anna Hoksa Refused to nominate for the 2nd time.
4 Kasia Szafron Discussed nominations.
Bartek Lenert Threw a glass of water over Jola Rutowicz's head.
Aneta & Martyna Bielecka Failed their secret mission.
5 Józef Warchoł Assaulted two fellow housemates.
Marcin Kaliszek Disconnected his microphone.
6 Maciej Borowicz Threatened to beat up one of the other housemates.
Jakub Pyśk Made racist and homophobic comments.
7 Aleksandra Balawender Tried to persuade the viewers to evict Kamil Lemieszewski.
Katarzyna Strojek Repeatedly violated the house rules.
Bartłomiej Czochara Discussing nominations.

Portugal (BB)


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Marco Borges Kicked fellow housemate Sónia Veiga.
5 Pedro Soá Displayed violent behavior towards the other housemates.
6 André Filipe Disobeyed the house rules.

Portugal (SS)

All Stars

Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Rúben Nave Had the least amount of credits.
Vanessa Ferreira Érica Silva chose to let João Paulo Sousa enter the house to replace the person who had the least amount of credits, in this case Vanessa.
Cláudio Viana Fernandes Displayed violent behavior towards Jéssica Gomes.
3 Tierry Vilson A Voz chose to replace him with Daniel Gregório.
Pedro Infante A Voz chose to replace him with Débora Picoito and Jéssica Gomes.
Fábio Machado A Voz chose to replace him with Cláudio Viana Fernandes.
Cláudio Viana Fernandes Lost a duel to Marco Costa.
João Paulo Sousa Lost a duel to Érica Silva.
Cátia Marisa Vaz A Voz chose to replace her with Alexandra Ferreira.
Marco Costa A Voz chose to replace him with Paulo Rosa.
Joana Pinto Voted out over Alexandra Ferreira.
4 Daniela Pimenta Had the least amount of credits.
Miguel Caleira Voted out over Tiago Ginga.
5 Bruno Esteves Failed a challenge set up for him by Bruno Sousa.
Andreia Silva Failed a challenge set up for her by Diogo Semedo.
Nuno Jesus Failed a challenge set up for him by Tierry Vilson.
Rui Rodrigues Had the most "Nuncas" of the remaining housemates.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Vítor Rangel Was disrespectful towards Ana Isabel Ribeiro and Hugo Felgueiras and became aggressive during a party.
3 Wilson Teixeira Head butted Hélio Catarino.
6 Vanessa Monteiro Revealed her secret to Diogo Luís.
Cláudio Coelho Was disrespectful to A Voz.
Rita Rosendo


All Stars

Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Arturo Requjo Poured a glass of wine on Indhira Kalvani's food following an argument.
Beatriz González-Rico Used threatening language towards Melania Querol.
2 Chari Lojo Had an intense argument that producers deemed aggressive.
Rubén Estévez
Saray Pereira Her partner Gerardo Prager chose to walk two days before.
Chiqui Martí Used aggressive behavior towards Natalia Serrano.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
3 Chunguitos Made offensive comments regarding homosexuals.
7 Nuria Martínez Was suffering health problems.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Carlos Navarro Used threatening language.
8 Romina Danillo Cannabis was found in her blood test and the number she had used to enter the house was actually her mother's.
10 Ana Torro Revealed information of the outside world to the other housemates.
11 Ángela Castro Lis Valenzuela figured out that she and Laura Selva were a couple after Gran Hermano told them to keep it a secret.
Gonzalo Rodríguez Used aggressive and threatening behavior towards Pilarita Gómez.
Indhira Kalvani Threw a glass full of ice at Carol Lavín during a heated argument.
12 Flor Luján Concocted a plan to obtain more money outside of the house by faking a romance.
Julio Granado
14 Eva Guijarro Revealed that she was dating Danny Padilla.
Danny Padilla Violated the rules of the show.
Argi Gastaka Made a joke regarding a leftist sepratist group.
17 Álvaro Requerey Made numerous offensive comments regarding women and animals.
Fernando Espinar Revealed information of the outside world to the other housemates.
18 José María Pérez Accused of sexually assaulting Carlota Prado.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
3 Julio Ruz Unacceptable behavior towards María Jesús Ruiz.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Yinmy Thitiwongsaroj Faked illness because she didn't want to do the weekly mission.
2 Oad Showtitinnawat Brought a pen into the house and wrote some messages to Nok
Jeff Vichatpittayapong Removed from the house after contracting chickenpox.



Season Contestant Reason Removed
15 Jeremy Jackson Inappropriate behavior towards Chloe Goodman.
Ken Morley Continually used racist and offensive language.
16 Tila Tequila Made Anti-Semetic remarks prior to entering the house.
18 Christopher Biggins Used offensive language regarding bisexuals and Jews.
22 Rodrigo Alves Further case of inappropriate behavior after previous use of the N-word.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
1 Nick Bateman Had nasty, lying behavior throughout the season and was believed to manipulate nominations.
5 Kitten Pinder Received three warnings from Big Brother.
Emma Greenwood Instigated the infamous "Fight Night".
7 Dawn Blake Informed her sister was ill, but revealed that she was getting codes from her.
8 Emily Parr Used the n-word in reference to Charley Uchea.
9 Alexandra De-Gale Used threatening language towards the people she believed nominated her that week.
Dennis McHugh Spat in Mohamed Mohamed's face during a heated confrontation.
14 Daley Ojuederie Displayed threatening behavior towards Hazel O'Sullivan.
16 Aaron Frew Displayed inappropriate behavior towards Joel Williams by continuously flashing him.
17 Andrew Tate Pornographic content of him was leaked.
Emma Jensen Tried to escape the house for the second time.
18 Kayleigh Morris Used threatening behavior and language towards Chanelle McCleary.
Lotan Carter Used aggressive behavior towards Isabelle Warburton and disobeyed Big Brother's commands.
19 Ellis Hillon Made offensive and unacceptable posts on social media prior to entering the house.
Lewis Flanagan Used unacceptable language.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
Ultimate Coolio Ivey Jr. Ongoing verbal spat between him and Nadia Almada.


Season Contestant Reason Removed
2 Justin Sebik Repeatedly warned for threats to harm other houseguests and exceedingly violent behavior, causing others to fear for their safety and holding a knife to Krista Stegall's throat.
4 Scott Weintraub Verbally intimidated other houseguests and threw chairs around the house, generally making other houseguests uncomfortable.
11 Chima Simone Refused numerous orders given by Big Brother; purposely destroyed her microphone.
14 Willie Hantz Physical altercation with Joe Arvin.



Ways of Leaving
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