Eeva-Leena Keskinen was a contestant on Big Brother Finland 10.


Eeva-Leena Keskinen Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Big Brother Suomi
Eeva-Leena, who was the best at the Mensa Intelligence Test, is a mathematical and analytical thinker who decided to leave Mensa because she did not feel that membership gave her anything. Nowadays, Eeva-Leena finds it silly to pay for membership for a couple of years, even though she sees the whole association as a useless cult. Eeva-Leena began her academic career in statistics. He was not very pleased with his choice, as his educational path has led to technology management through a short business visit. To counterbalance academic life, Eeva-Leena has been dancing for 15 years and has also worked as a dance teacher. He does not use social media at all. With Big Brother's prize money, Eeva-Leena would be publishing an extensive genetic study.
Age: 30
Marital status: Single
Domicile: Turku[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Finland 10

Task History

Week 1 Weekly Task Failed
Week 2 Weekly Task Passed
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 2-Anu Puumalainen
1-Emma Hildén
2-Anu Puumalainen
1-Emma Hildén
1-Milla Lehtonen
1-Mira Ojala

5 points
2 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Tuula Rantala
1-Mira Ojala
1-Tuula Rantala

2 points
3 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Tuula Rantala
2-Anu Puumalainen
2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Tuula Rantala
5 points



  1. Eeva-Leena. Big Brother Suomi (1 September 2019). Retrieved on 1 September 2019.
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