Edward John Barber is a Teen Housemate on Pinoy Big Brother 7's Teen Chapter, who eventually became part of the Dream Team.

He's dubbed as the Cheerful Charmer of Germany because of his cheerful personality.

During his stay in the house, he formed a close friendship with Marco and Heaven, as well as Maymay whom he considered as his twin due to their cheerful personalities. Some fans even shipped them and formed "Mayward" themselves. Edward and Maymay recorded Maymay's own written song inside the house on Week 16.

On Week 14, Edward was chosen by the military officers to lead his housemates on their 6th Lucky Task called Big Brother Army Mission where in military officers went inside the house and gave military training to the teen housemates for the whole week. They later traveled outside to Mount Taal where an obstacle course was prepared for them related to their military training and must reach the peak of a hill. They eventually finished the course, winning their 6th Lucky Task.

On Week 16, the male teen housemates participated in the Big Jump Competition for them to snatch a "Lucky Sun" slot for the finale. Edward eventually won the competition making him the first Teen housemate to become a finalist of the 7th season

On Week 26, the Lucky Suns returned back in the house to compete against the Adults' Lucky House finalists and Celebrities' Lucky Star finalists. Two Wildcard Housemates from each edition who were previously evicted were sent back to the house to compete against each other in order to get the 4th Lucky Spot, making it to have 4 members on each group.

Throughout the Dream Team, Edward maintained his "never nominated" status and it was further sealed when he became part of the Dream Team's Lucky 7 Housemates that would go on to the Finale Night.

The two-evening Big Night Finale happened at the end of the Week. On Day 234, Edward and the rest of the Lucky Suns advanced to the Big Four and on Day 235, he was declared in 4th Big Placer.


The Cheerful Charmer of Germany

Edward Barber is a 16-year-old from Germany. He was the first housemate to be revealed prior to entering the Big Brother House. He was born and raised in Germany from her Filipina mother and a British-German father. He is fluent in speaking German.

In one word, 15-year-old Edward Barber who was dubbed as the “Cheerful Charmer ng Germany,” described himself as crazy.

Sharing his life prior to joining PBB, he said, “It was mostly focus on school and my friends, of course. Like the biggest thing I had to worry about were exams and girls. It was just really simple, a (typical) teenager’s life.”

He also recalled one big achievement he attained that’s school-related, “There was a Latin reading competition and it was inter-school and I got second place so that was a big achievement for me because I put a lot of work into it.”

As for the reason why he joined the reality show, Edward said, “The experience, straight away. If I say no to it, I’m never going to get the chance to do it again.” He also said that his motto is clothing brand's tagline, “Just do it.”

Is there a previous housemate he wants to imitate the style? “I haven’t seen many but I guess the closest I come to is Bailey because of my background. I’m British, he’s British,” he answered.

When asked why he should be the Big Winner? He answered, “That’s for them to decide really. Maybe because of my sense of humor, because I’m gonna make you guys laugh, hopefully. So if I can make you laugh then I guess I deserve to do it.”

What will be his strategy around the house? “Again, humor because (I’m) trying to make everybody (to) like me by making them laugh.”

Likewise, he said that the quality that will make him stand out from rest is his ability to stay positive. “I’m always crazy, always happy, always laughing. Even under pressure or serious situations, I always manage to laugh in the end.”

Does he cook? “If I need to. I’m not the best chef, I don’t have recipes in my head but if I’m told to do something and how to do it then I can, of course,” was his reply and added that he can make omellettes for the housemates.

Lastly, Edward described love as “a mental disease,” family as “best friends,” youth as “crazy” and God as “faith”.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7

Teen History

Task History

Week 5 Lucky 7 Part 1 Win
Week 6 Lucky 7 Part 2 Win
Week 7 Lucky 7 Part 3 Loss
Week 8 Lucky 7 Part 4 Win
Week 9 Lucky 7 Part 5 Win
Week 10 Weekly Task Loss
Week 11 Weekly Task Win
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Week 13 Weekly Task Loss
Week 14 Lucky 7 Part 6 Win
Week 15 Lucky 7 Part 7 Win

Competition History

Week 5 No Competitions
Week 6 No Competitions
Week 7 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 8 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 9 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 10 No Competitions
Week 11 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 12 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 13 No Competitions
Week 14 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 15 Ligtask Win
Week 16 Big Jump Part 1 Win
Week 17 No Competitions
Week 18 Big Jump Part 2 Win
Week 19 Big Jump Part 3 Win

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
7 2-Kisses Delavin
1-Vivoree Esclito
1-Aizan Perez 1 point
8 2-Fenech Veloso
1-Rita Gaviola
9 2-Fenech Veloso
1-Kisses Delavin
10 2-Kisses Delavin
1-Christian Morones
11 No Nominations
12 2-Christian Morones
1-Yong Muhajil
13 No Nominations
14 2-Christian Morones
1-Vivoree Esclito
15 Nomination Competition
Ranking Nominations
16 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
On To Dream Team
17 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
On To Dream Team
18 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
On To Dream Team
19 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
On To Dream Team

Dream Team History

Task History

Week 27 Weekly Task Win
Weekly Task Win
Week 28 Weekly Task Loss
Week 29 No Tasks
Week 30 Weekly Task Win
Week 31 No Tasks
Week 32 DTC - Part 1 Win
DTC - Part 2 Loss
Week 33 DTC - Part 3 Win
DTC - Part 4 Win
DTC - Part 5 Win
Week 34 No Tasks

Competition History

Week 27 Lucky Spot - Celebrities Assisted
Lucky Spot - Teen Assisted
Lucky Spot - Adults Assisted
Week 28 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 29 No Competitions
Week 30 Ligtask Ineligible
Dream House - Part 1 Ineligible
Dream House - Part 2 Assisted
Dream House - Part 3 Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 31 Ligtask Win
Padaluck Win
Week 32 No Competitions
Week 33 No Competitions
Week 34 No Competitions

Nominations' History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
29 2-Aura Azarcon
1-Cora Waddell
1-Nonong Ballinan 1 point
30 2-Cora Waddell
1-Jerome Alecre
31 Nomination Competition
Ligtask Pair Competition
32 2-Cora Waddell
1-Jinri Park
34 +1-Tanner Mata
+1Maymay Entrata
+1Maymay Entrata
+1Yong Muhajil
2+ points
Finale 4th Place

Post Big Brother

MayWard first magcover

Edward and Maymay together in the front page cover of Inside Weekly Magazine.

  • He also appeared on front page cover of the Inside Showbiz Weekly magazine on the April 1 - 7, 2017 issue, with Maymay, and on April 15-21, 2017 issue together with Yong Muhajil.


  • Edward was never put up on the nominations block and was among of the housemates with the least nomination points received.
  • Throughout the season, his father entered the house two times, first was during their fourth Lucky task, where his father taught the teen housemates how to manage their business task, and the second when his father announced the death of his grand mother.
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