Edmar Teixeira[2] was a housemate on Big Brother Portugal 5.


Edmar Teixeira Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVI
Age: 27 years
Location: London
Son of Portuguese emigrants from Mirandela, he was born and lives in London. He speaks Portuguese with an English accent. It is defined as an entertainer. Likes to sing, dance and write lyrics. He studied Media (Communication) and works as an event manager / animator in London. He loves what he does, but admits that he wants to experience life in Portugal because the English capital is very "boring" (bored). He is a vegetarian, and when it comes to relationships, he has a boyfriend. It is assumed to be deeply cosmopolitan. He says he is a Kim Kardashian fan, but his idol is himself. He argues that people should show themselves exactly as they are. He participates because he believes that Portugal will fall in love with his personality and offer him a job that will finally allow him to move to our country.[3]

Player's History - Big Brother Portugal 5

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Fábio Martins
Hélder Teixeira
Daniel Guerreiro
Pedro Soá
Slávia dos Santos
3 Noélia Pereira
Slávia dos Santos
Hélder Teixeira
Daniel Monteiro
Diogo Cunha
Hélder Teixeira
Iury Mellany
Noélia Pereira
Pedro Alves
Rui Alves
Slávia dos Santos



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